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Naming Baby Garnecki

Naming isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Sure, I had my favorite boy and girl names before I was married. Then again, Steve had pre-selected his names of choice. Seldom do our lists agree. We do think that name meaning is just as important as how a name sounds, so that will be a strong determining factor. We also like names from Greek or Hebrew background, but we’d also like a name that can easily be translated into Mandarin.  It’s a tall order to combine all of those options into 1 little name.

Even if there were a couple of first names that we could agree upon, there’s the whole middle name plus meaning that totally throws a wrench in the works. Most of the middle names Steve likes are Hebrew and I can’t even pronounce most of them.  How do we expect our baby’s future friends and teachers to pronounce them. That’ll be a name butchering fest to be certain!

We’ll look more seriously at name options this summer, once Steve no longer has the threat of grad school breathing down his neck. In the meantime, I’d like to know what names (plus meanings) y’all suggest. What are your favorite boy/girl names ? What name would sound good with Garnecki?

You can check out name etymology here. You can also take a quiz about baby names here. The Freakonomics authors blog about aspirational baby names as well as amazing names.

2 Responses

  1. Well since I was a former Garnecki try to make sure that the first and last names don’t rhyme, it can be murder in school! lol
    Grandma Garnecki is still holding out for Mei Ling, and I wanted to know if Steve’s old favorite Gabriel or Gabrielle was still in the running?
    Or maybe Tiggernits? Was that the one Steve?

  2. Actually, if it’s a boy, Steve’s thinking Chewbacca ;-). I don’t think Gabriella is very high on the list anymore. He likes a boy’s name that reminds me of a brand of beer.

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