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Conquering Heartburn

I’ve had numerous things suggested to me for treating hormone-induced heartburn over the past 5-6 weeks.  To date, here’s what works/doesn’t work for me MOST of the time:

Works GREAT:

  1. Papaya enzymes (since I started taking these last night, I haven’t had a problem)
  2. George’s “always active” aloe vera juice
  3. Anterior thoracic chiropractic adjustments (specifically T5-T8)
  4. Kefir (at night, on an empty stomach)

Sometimes Works:

  1. Hard candies, like Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers
  2. Cranberry juice mixed with sparkling water
  3. Saltines
  4. Wasabi (strange, but true)

Not a Chance:

  1. Tums (the kind without mineral oil)
  2. baking soda mixed with water (salty/nasty)

Things I MUST Avoid . . . or ELSE:

  1. Tomato-based sauces: ketchup, marinara, etc.
  2. Orange juice
  3. Onions
  4. Garlic
  5. Anything spicy (except for wasabi)
  6. Sometimes it doesn’t matter WHAT I eat, whether is acidic or alkaline, it’s just one of those times when nothing will go past the esophageal sphincter . . . and those times are no fun.

My voracious appetite that lasted all of 2 weeks in the first trimester, has now decreased to less than what I ate pre-pregnancy (I was also running a LOT on a weekly basis before I was pregnant).  Now, I basically stick to bland meals.  Things that tend to stave off heartburn in general are salads, soups, most fruits and veggies.  Lighter fare for every meal, but I’ll take whatever works!


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