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Traveling Trials

In the past year of international and domestic traveling, I haven’t yet had a round trip that went completely smooth.  There’s always been a problem with weather, maintenance, or airline incompetence.  Traveling to Dallas on Sunday was no different.  I was supposed to take-off at 10:30 AM, but we didn’t actually take-off until 3:30pm due to maintenance problems and indefinite delays.  I think it boiled down to not being able to start the engines due to the APU not working and the ground generator not working.  If you can’t start the engines, you can’t take-off.  They even towed the jet to another gate to try to get it started there.  In the meantime, I tried to re-book a flight out of Orlando so I could still get to Dallas within a reasonable hour.  The very moment Delta told me I could fly out of Orlando, they announced our flight out of Daytona was taking off and that we could board.  But, we didn’t take off right away since several passengers had re-booked and some had screwed up boarding passes.  So, they counted the passengers for the manifest at least 5 times before take off. 

But, I finally got to Atlanta, and I was rebooked on another connection to Dallas.  However, once we were airborne, we ended up burning circles in the sky over Monroe, LA due to the storms in the DFW area.  Eventually, we landed.  Then, I got to spend another 45 minutes taking a bus to the rental car center and waiting in line for a vehicle.

 It was just a long day.  I’d been in airports or planes since 9:30 am, and I expected to be at my final destination by 3:30, and it ended up being 8 pm.  But, at least I got here on Sunday, with my luggage, thankfully.  It felt great to eat Japanese food for dinner and sleep in a comfy bed.  I hope my trip back to Daytona is totally uneventful.


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