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I look like a mom?

Something interesting has happened in the past few days, I haven’t just been “showing” after meals and such, but I have a belly bump that’s remaining rather constant.  Today when I went to take the diagnostic imaging exam of Part IV national boards, one of the coordinators asked me if I was the “mother”–meaning the pregnant exam candidate who had requested special test accomodations for emergency bathroom breaks.  Yup, that’s me.  So, I guess it’s obvious enough to strangers who are bold enough to ask if I’m pregnant.  Another exam candidate asked me how far along I was.  Then, he did some mental calculations and determined that I was carrying a girl since I’m carrying low.  I asked him how on earth could I carry high at this point since the fundus of the uterus is still below my umbilicus (a.k.a. belly button).  He remarked with confidence, “My wife carried high and she had a boy.  I’m a dad.  I have 1 kid.”  Wow. Spoken with authority!  Anyway, it’s anyone’s guess, and we’ll find out in October.  What do y’all think, boy or girl? 


One Response

  1. Well speaking from experience (mother of 4!) lol. My very first was a girl and she carried low but my 2nd was a girl and she carried high! So there is not much credence for this idea. #3 was a boy carried about in the middle to low, #4 was a girl carried high.

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