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Heartburn and Altitude

I thought I had heartburn licked, but it reared its ugly head after both of my flights. I think it’s due to the pressure at altitude, since cabin pressure is typically at 8,000 ft (since I’m used to living at sea level in FL, this is quite a change). Anyway, I can’t think of anything else that would cause food to feel like it’s still in my esophagus and threatening to make the next 2 days very miserable.

We didn’t really have anything in the fridge for dinner or breakfast since we were out of town for a week. I ended up boiling russet potatoes and we had those with some dill and butter for dinner. I definitely have less of an appetite than before I was pregnant. That doesn’t make sense to me, physiologically and metabolically, but that’s just the way it is.

For breakfast, we didn’t have anything that I could stomach. So, I got a cup of freshly chopped fruit from the cafe on campus. That lasted me about 1 hour. Then, I succumbed to finally buying one of those disgusting Detour bars. At least it didn’t have real sugar, nor did it have a real flavor besides “disgusting”. It was really really gross.

On my brief break between classes, I got a smoothie made with banana, strawberries, apple juice, ice, and protein. The first good and satisfying thing I’ve had all day.

For dinner, I tried organic split pea soup, since soup usually calms the raging stomach and heartburn. Not this soup! It turned up the “yuck” factor 2 more levels. I just crashed early (after Steve parked an empty trashcan next to my side of the bed, just in case) and slept it off. Woke up on Wed morning feeling much better.

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