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Tummy Pats

I’d read in The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy that once you start to show, your belly becomes a magnet and people want to rub it. Yeah, no kidding. I have this need for personal space, especially when my personal space is my actual self. I’m not asking for a 2 foot radius at all times, but I am wary of people touching me if it’s not my back or shaking my hand.

Thus far in the pregnancy, I find I have a tendency to carry things in front of my abdomen. whether it’s my clinic jacket or my backpack, sometimes I held stuff over my belly to hide the fact that I was starting to show. Lately, I’ve been holding things over my belly to avoid the tummy pats and belly rubs from people. It still hasn’t stopped people.

It hasn’t been entirely unnerving when a relative or classmate has placed a hand on my abdomen, but I just don’t want to be caught off-guard. People have a sense of wonder about the mysteriously developing baby in a woman’s womb. Cool, I appreciate that. But, there are days, for me, it’s most days, when my stomach feels like it’s in my throat, so the idea of being touched on my belly is both aggravating and uncomfortable. Even Steve’s had his hand snapped off my belly if I’m feeling especially under the weather.

So, just throwing this out there for the internet readers to consider, before placing your hands on a pregnant woman’s belly, just ask her for permission first. She’ll appreciate it, and in some cases (depending on her reaction), you will, too.


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