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New Sport

Filipino Stick Fighting . . . for pregnant women. Well, actually, I’m the only pregnant student that my instructor has ever taught.  Besides me (the beginner), there were 2 other students, and I think they hold black belts in Tang Soo Do.  This style of fighting incorporates 2 x 3 foot bamboo or wooden sticks as the primary weapon, although daggars and hands are also incorporated.  Partners contact their weapons with high or low blows and “weave” them utilizing both hands.  When performed at full speed, it is an artistic, beautifully choreographed dance of weaponry that can also be quite deadly.

Steve and I had our first intro to this fighting style 2 years ago at Robinson’s Martial Arts Institute. Steve is currently trying to brush up on all his Tang Soo Do forms up to 3rd degree black belt. Although I’d love to participate in a Tang Soo Do class, they’re all pretty high impact with kicks, punches, etc. So, instead of not being able to do 50-80% of the stuff in class, I’ll just take a class where I can do 95% of what’s being taught.

This summer, Steve will work with me one-on-one to refresh the forms he’s taught me up to red belt or something like that. I’ve never actually tested for a belt color in Tang Soo Do, but I’ve received a lot of instruction and training from Steve (in our garage or living room). As long as I don’t really do the kicks (or do them low and in slow-mo), I can practice the forms.

Since swimming at the local high school proved almost hazardous (non-lap swimmers darting across the lane while I was in mid-stroke), I’m happy to have another avenue for physical fitness up here in the northeast.


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