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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Living between 2 houses

We spent 3 days at my mom & step-dad’s house in NY, and received our household goods.  Steve’s dad helped unload the truck and move the beastly furniture items and boxes into my mom’s massive basement.  We did our best to sort out boxes we had pre-labeled “PA” so we knew which things we wanted to take back with us to PA.  Unfortunately, our washing machine took up a huge amount of space in our pick-up, so we’ll have to get the rest of our stuff next weekend.

I love my mom’s house.  It’s big and spacious with lots of windows.  She’s still moving in, too.  She was receiving bedroom and living room furniture the same time we were moving our stuff into the basement.  Now, we have all of our stuff between 2 houses in 2 states.  We still can’t find the stupid box with all of our toiletries that Steve wanted to purchase in bulk to last us through the end of the year.  What good is buying toner and shampoo in bulk if you can’t use it?  Steve’s mom packed it in who knows which box, so I’m sure it’s buried in the basement in NY.  Hopefully we can dig it out next weekend.

Yesterday, we canoed on the pond that’s the size of most FL lakes behind Steve’s parents house.  That was fun and relaxing.  There were a lot of lily pads and many annoying flies, but the day was beautiful.

Steve’s digging a ditch today next to his parents house . . . it has something to do with unearthing the hot water pipes since they weren’t properly insulated.  I think he’ll be working on this tomorrow, as well.  I spent the better part of the morning trying to shift our stuff around between the bedroom, family room, and basement in hopes of clearing out some floor space in our bedroom so I can actually vacuum the darned rug.  I look forward to getting settled in.  We’re not there yet.  And, I’m sure that we’ll get to that point just about the time we need to pack up and leave for Minnesota for my internship.

The baby moves around frequently.  I especially notice movement when I’m lying down and I shift from one side to the other, although it likes to perform summersaults and other amazing feats while I’m sitting down, too.


One Response

  1. Dolly,
    I saw the picture of you 20 weeks pregnant on your other blog. You look so cute. I think pregnancy is such a beautiful and neat thing. Try to keep an even keel and relax during this time even though the environment of moving may not be conducive to relaxation. It is so important for the little baby and I believe that your demeanor throughout pregnancy will affect your child’s happiness and moods when born. Love,


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