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Food-induced misery

A seemingly harmless helping of less than 24 hr leftover taco-seasoned ground beef can cause a world of hurt that lasts 12 hours.  I thought it would be safe (heartburn-wise) to make a batch of taco meat for a taco salad–oh, I had been missing the taco salad.  I knew if I avoided salsa completely, I would probably be okay.  Sure enough, I handled taco salad just fine.

Since we had generous leftovers, and I really didn’t want them to go to waste, I made a super yummy omelet the next morning with taco meat, tomatoes and eggs topped with a dollop of sour cream.  Well, ever since that meal, my gut was plaguing me the rest of the day–all day and all night.

By mid-afternoon, I was hungry, yet felt the heartburn ickiness hovering over me.  I was at Steve’s parents house, and they don’t have a lot of ready-to-eat food on hand, at least not stuff I consider healthy options.  I caved in when I saw some brownies on the table(I was THAT hungry that I ate junk food).  But for good measure to add some veggies for the day, I tried some cole slaw and defrosted some frozen blueberries.  Right, I know, the combination sounds horrid.  I’ve never really had a problem eating a strange variety of foods.  I’m a gal who ate spicy noodles or rice with dried fish for breakfast as a kid.

For a short while, I felt better, just to have something in my stomach.  But, then the heartburn successively grew more viscious.  As soon as Steve and his dad were done ditch digging for the day, I told him we needed to hurry and pack and get on the road to NY–the longer we delayed, the worse I’d feel on the 2-hour road trip.

Yeah, the road trip was no fun.  Lots of pressure changes due to constantly shifting altitude from the numerous hills, which made my stomach all the more queasy and the heartburn welled up even higher.  All I could do was take small sips of water and chew gum.

We made it to my mom’s house and I immediately went for the peppermint tea.  I ate something small and salty to try to settle my stomach, and then I headed for bed as soon as possible.

Lesson learned for the 10th time: when pregnant, do NOT eat leftover meat of any shape or form, or I will regret it, undoubtedly!


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