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In search of the perfect blender

For the past 2 years, we’ve been trying to find the perfect blender. One that can not only crush fruit and ice with minimal effort for excellent smoothies, but one that can crush almonds into butter, turn grain or rice into flour, and heat up with enough friction to make warm soup. Yes, we want ALL THAT out of 1 kitchen appliance because we want to be armed with this miraculous wonder when we venture overseas to the land of little to no western-style food. We know we’ll have to prepare everything we want by hand. Hey, I’m a big fan of Chinese food, but even I can only handle so much of it at a time (3x/day for 2 weeks is really pushing it, let alone a year or more!)

To date, the only blender that we’ve heard of that can perform such amazing feats is the Vitamix brand of blenders. These powerful gadgets have a dial that you can manually adjust to increase the speed/horsepower for better chopping/blending action. They’re pretty spectacular when you see ’em in action, but the downside is that they cost $500 plush shipping and tax. Owch! Now, that’s a hefty price tag.

So, we’ve been researching sales or other brands that can compete with the horsepower, warranty, and reputation without the high cost. The best option we’ve found, Blendtec, is slightly less expensive with a slightly shorter warranty, but it boasts increased horsepower and it even has an entire Will it Blend? series on YouTube which is rather addicting. Check out the Crowbar or Baseball episodes! Blendtec’s blenders don’t have a manual dial for speed, but they have electronic buttons that pre-determine how long they will blend: juice, ice cream, baby food, smoothie, etc. So, you don’t have to guess about the length or speed, it’s pre-calculated for you.

By the way, we also want to use a super amazing blender to make our own baby food . . . it’ll save cost (especially since it would be considered an import item in Asia), and we’ll know exactly what’s going into it: no preservatives, chemicals, food colorings.

Sure, it’ll be almost a year before our baby is able to eat whole foods, but we might as well continue our search for the perfect blender, now. We’ll probably have to get it early and try out the almond butter or ice cream feature.


2 Responses

  1. Way to go on making your own baby food. We are going to start that in just 1 week. Isabelle has been breastfeeding soley for 6 months now and I think she is jonesing for some solid food. I will tell you how making my own works. If you ever start to doubt whether you should make your own baby food just try the chicken and pears puree. Pear isn’t a strong flavor and chicken should NEVER taste sweet! Not to mention that the shelf life on baby food is crazy. Just thought I would encourage and promote my baby food, nursing agenda on your blog 🙂 Miss you lots!

  2. Hey Dolly,
    Nice to find your baby blog and read about your adventures in moving and heartburn!! You are a beautiful pregnant-lady!
    Wanted to let you know that I received a VitaMix for a college grad present and didn’t realize how valuable a gift it was until recently. We make smoothies in seconds, I’ve made warm soups and bread dough, and best of all, make almost all of Holly’s baby food in it. I buy organic veggies and fruits, add a little formula, and voila, food she loves. Holly was a little small at her 6 month appointment, so the doc told me to bump up her solids, so the Vitamix has been a lifesaver. I know it is expensive, but if anything breaks on it, they will just send you another one, so maybe consider it a lifelong investment.
    Good luck!

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