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3rd Trimester . . . at Last!

Finally, at the 3rd trimester milestone on Monday.  When palpating the baby in my abdomen, it definitely feels much, much larger than a couple weeks ago.

Sometimes it’s difficult to lie on my left side, especially when I’m about to get adjusted.  But, I prefer to sleep on my right side or on my back.  As my midwife said, the baby will move as it needs to in order to get the oxygen/blood flow from the umbilical cord.  At 7 months, I still prefer to sleep on my back.

I’ve also recently learned that the spinalator or intersegmental traction table is super awesome for a pregnant woman’s pelvis.  There’s an older table in this clinic, so I set the roller height at 3/4 of the max height.  Full height is a little too much pressure on my sacrum.

I’ve also been responding very well to adjustments.  My posture matches up with my x-ray findings (at least those last taken in September 2006).  My neck range of motion feels the best it’s been in months.

I’ve been adjusting Steve.  He’s exclusively my patient that I treat under the supervision of Dr. Woggon.  I’ve actually been able to adjust him in side posture without really straining or over-exerting myself.

The one type of adjustment that’s been affecting my low back is the Pettibon Y-A.  Actually, for months now, I’ve noticed low back movement in me every time I perform that adjustment on a patient.  I mentioned this to Dr. Woggon and he told me to quit doing that adjustment.  He doesn’t do it anymore on his patients.  He said that if you’re not exactly in the perfect biomechanical position when you execute the adjustment on the patient, you incur torsion strain on your own low back.  Although it doesn’t hurt me or bother me now, it will accumulate over time and cause wear and tear and damage to ligaments and possibly discs in my low back.  As a chiropractor, I definitely don’t need to do anything that will wear out or damage my own body!  As an effective alternative, Dr. Woggon recommends doing the manual traction adjustment (MTA) on patients, and follow up their cervico-dorsal (CD) angle adjustments with the Arthrostim.


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