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The Bliss of Pregnancy Massage

I had my first pregnancy massage today by a therapist who’s certified in that particular technique.  It was fantastic.  It made my week.  And, it couldn’t have occurred at a more needed time since I had a particularly stressful, irritating and upsetting morning working at the clinic.  I came back from my appointment during my lunch break, and I’ve been so relaxed, calm, and stress-free the remainder of the day.  My back and neck haven’t felt this good in months.

Even with chiropractic care and the few minutes of massage therapy that we get prior to adjustments, they just didn’t do the trick of what an hour long massage can do for the body!  Soft tissue work is so necessary and important for healing and restoration.

I’m used to really tough deep tissue massages that work out trigger points, but Lori wouldn’t do that on me.  She said that pain-inducing trigger point work releases endorphins and biochemicals that can be negative for the baby.  Instead, she did the effleursage method, long strokes toward the heart to promote good circulation.  She worked on my back, legs, arms, hands, shoulders, and neck.

I really wanted her to work on my feet, but she said that it isn’t recommended for a pregnant woman to get a foot massage in her 7th month since it can affect the adrenal glands too early in the pregnancy.  She said 8th month and beyond it was safe to have a foot massage.  I’ll definitely get that work done in a few weeks!

She applied a great-smelling almond/lavendar massage oil.  Dim lights and soft music helped me relax.  By the end, I was practically falling asleep.

I can’t wait to go back for another massage.  My only regret is that I can’t afford to go every week or even every other week.  My best bet is to get 1 more massage from her before I leave Minnesota.  Hopefully I can find someone in Pennsylvania who’s good at pregnancy massage so I can get another one in my last month.

To all my pregnant girlfriends out there, definitely get a pregnancy massage!  Make sure the therapist is actually certified, and that she hasn’t just had a 1-day course in it at massage school.  Also, make sure you ask a lot of questions of what type of technique she does and what makes the pregnancy massage different than a non-pregnancy massage.  It is perfectly safe for massage work to occur on a pregnant woman’s legs.  An expectant mom just can’t receive any deep, piercing trigger point work.  The pregnant woman should also be positioned on her side with supportive pillows or on her back in a slightly reclined position to allow blood flow from the aorta to the baby.

Also, the baby LOVED the massage, too.  Only 10 minutes or so after Lori started working on me, the baby moved with increasing frequency and strength.  It didn’t move with startling kicks or somersaults, but it was moving regularly in an almost, internal abdominal massage sort of way.


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