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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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29 Weeks

Another week and more baby and belly growth to show for it.

I still sleep great, as always. I do find it unfortunate that although it’s very easy for my spine to get adjusted chiropractically, that also means that the adjustments don’t stay in place. I’ll feel great after an adjustment and do various rehab things to keep things set. But, it doesn’t matter. By the next morning, after I’ve slept on my side, my neck is all out again. Lovely.

I really miss sleeping on my back. Miss it terribly–so does my spine.

I also find my belly gets in the way. My awareness of space regarding the front of my belly isn’t too keen since the size of my belly is constantly growing. It’s sorta like right after you get a new haircut. You get used to using the same amount of shampoo or brushing your hair to a certain length . . . and then it’s much shorter, and you haven’t adapted to it. It’s kinda like that with a pregnant belly, except it’s the other way around.

You bump into things, dribble water on it, clothes constantly fit differently, and you never quite get used to it.  And before I know it, the majority of my belly bulk will be gone, and I’ll have to adapt to those changes, along with caring for a newborn.  Talk about being flexible to change . . . and I thought the military was demanding about flexibility.  That’s nothing compared to pregnancy and imminent parenthood!


One Response

  1. Stop poseing infront of a black door wearing black! We want to see that belly! lol
    Can’t wait until you guys come home! Miss you lots!

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