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Thoughts on Bradley Method

I like the Bradley Method birthing class. We view a video of a birth each class, and it helps me realize what birth is really like. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a live birth. After seeing what Hollywood produces, no wonder the majority of women in America are scared about labor and birthing, and they want an epidural before even attempting to trust their own bodies for strength to get through the process.

Knowing about the risks and possible long-term side effects of the numerous medical interventions involved in a hospital birth is what gives me enough determination to avoid them.

Last week, we did an exercise to simulate a contraction and relaxing through it. Basically that consisted of Steve squeezing my arm with increasing pressure and then slowly releasing the pressure. My job was to concentrate on slow, abdominal breathing and relaxation. I thought it was a good physical and mental exercise. Throughout the week, I do various other exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, low back, and inner thigh muscles to prepare for birthing.

I’m also reading Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. I think a significant amount of material in the book won’t apply until the baby is born. For example, it’s hard to categorize a baby’s personality when you haven’t yet met him/her. But, at least I can be familiar with most of the general types of baby personalities and how to meet their various needs.

2 Responses

  1. I think it is great that your classes are going so great. Word to the wise…the simulation exercises are nowhere near what labor feels like. I thought that there would be some correlation and there is not. Also, I found for my labor that it did not at all resemble labor as the class videos presented it. My advise is to not get any ideas about what labor is going to be like because chances are it will be nothing like you think. My preconcieved (or postconcieved 🙂 )notions about labor messed up my mental game because I was prepared for labor as the class presented it and not how it actually was for me. Dolly, you are determined enough to get through it no matter what it is like and all the pain you will be going through while in labor is going to be working toward the end result of having a baby to hold. You’ll do GREAT!

    Also, I heard great things about Secrets of the Baby Whisper, especially is regards to sleep.

  2. The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer is one of the best books I read on communicating with your baby and learning to respect and read your babies cries correctly. I also highly recommend the video “Happiest Baby on the Block”. If you combine the ideas of the baby whisperer with that video, your child should have a much easier time with sleep and contentment. More sleep for baby = more sleep for mommy and daddy. Asher was sleeping 8-10 hours a night by 8 weeks with their techniques and has been a good sleeper ever since! It’s worth it and it doesn’t require you to make your baby cry himself to sleep.

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