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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Pregnancy luggage

We listened to the baby’s heartbeat again today with a fetalscope: 138 bpm.  I can palpate more osseous structures using Leopold’s method.  When the baby moves, it feels like a shiatsu massage going on inside my abdomen.  Sometimes the sudden kicks or elbowing surprise me and I jolt in reaction.

Fortunately, I’ve only had 1 sleepless night thus far.  The baby was doing the disco all night long.  At one point, I felt my belly being stretched internally from the left and the right–the baby was doing some major limb stretching exercises!

But, I feel like I’m carrying around so much extra weight in my belly–like it’s tugging all my belly skin downward.  It feels awkward to get up from a sitting or supine position, and sometimes it takes me a second or two to get my balance once I am standing.

The good news is that I was able to use my frequent flyer miles to cash in on a plane ticket home to Pennsylvania.  I won’t have to endure another 21+ hour road trip crammed into the cab of our pick-up.  Although I could do that during my 6th month, I don’t think it’ll be very comfortable when I’m 8 months pregnant.

If all goes well, Steve will drive and be home to meet me just in time for our 7 year wedding anniversary!  We’re planning a nice Labor Day weekend together in the same hotel where we had our honeymoon.  It’ll probably be the last date night we’ll have for many many months.  We’re looking forward to it!


One Response

  1. Dolly! This is so great. A weekend together… How nice!! So glad to hear you’re doing well and haven’t had a bunch of sleepless nights. Your pics look really great! 🙂


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