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We found a crib . . . finally!

After much searching in PA, we were disappointed to find very little selection and very high prices. While in MN, I looked on Craig’s List to find something used that would be worthwhile, but even used cribs were pretty expensive, and they weren’t the color or style we had in mind.

Surprisingly, we found a crib we really liked at a second-hand children’s store . . . and the best part about it is that it’s brand new. The store manager let us know they have other colors in stock, but it turned out they only had 2 colors, none of which interested us. But, we found the manufacturer online and located other retailers who sell the same crib. Not only did we find the same crib online for $20 cheaper, but it also came with FREE shipping! How about that!

For less than half the price of the conversion cribs we saw at furniture stores, we found one made of real wood (not that verneer junk), and it feels as sturdy as a piano. We’re not so much concerned with the convertible options, although it may come in handy to change it into a toddler bed. But, we just wanted a nice, sturdy crib that will last through a couple of kids, not make a ton of noise, and meet all the current safety standards.

Online reviewers raved about it, and we were pleased with it in the store. It doesn’t have a drop down side rail, but at the highest mattress setting, it’s no effort for me to lean over to lay down a calm and sleeping baby. Besides, I hear the cribs with drop down rails have just one more thing that could possibly break. Some moms even mention that they’re so loud, that lowering them often disturbs the baby, anyway . . . so they don’t even use that feature in other cribs.

So, we’ll have a beautiful, ebony crib waiting for us to assemble when we get to PA!

You can check it out at Million-Dollar-Baby’s website, and select “Convertible 3-in-1 cribs”. Select the “Emily” option to view the crib and details.

3 Responses

  1. This is toooo funny I just looked at this exact crib for some strange reason the other day online, maybe because it’s my oldest’s dd’s first name! I can’t believe you bought it! lol

  2. That one looks nice!! Glad you found a great deal! A co-worker of my mom offered to give us hers for free. Its by jenny lind, white. I’m not craxy about the look, but its good to know we will have something. Then maybe we can use the money we would have invested to buy a rocker or some other furnature. I haven’t looked at reviews or anything but i’ll have to do that, good idea.

  3. You look great!

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