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I got the afternoon off work yesterday.  Steve & I drove down to Minneapolis to check out America’s Mall, and to meet our friend Sharise and her 1-year-old baby boy James.  Sharise informed us that you can actually completely survive inside the Mall of America and never have to leave.  Aside from numerous stores, eateries, an aquarium, mini-golf course, and amusement park, it also boasts an emergency clinic, a post office, private high schools and colleges, and condos.  I can see how the locals would love to hang out there when the weather gets super fierce in the winter . . . just hop inside for some fun in the massive climate controlled 4 story building.

Finally, I found an Old Navy that actually had a maternity section!  The past several stores I’ve checked from Florida to Pennsylvania to Minnesota only had maternity clothes as return items strewn throughout the sales racks.  I wasn’t about to go hunting through all that mess.  But, the Mall of America had the largest Old Navy I’d ever seen: 2 floors full of inventory.  I was able to find a couple of comfortable scoop neck tees for casual wear, and one was only $6.  Yay for sales!  I don’t prefer to shop for clothes via internet or catalog unless I already know how they fit.  The funny thing with Old Navy is that their clothes don’t always fit like similar sizes in other brands.  For example, I walked out of Old Navy with 2 maternity shirts: 1 was a medium and 1 was a large (merely because I needed the fabric long enough to cover my ever-growing belly).

We tasted various herbal teas at Teavana, tried out the Select Comfort mattresses (which are priced very reasonably!), and enjoyed bison burgers at Ruby Tuesday.  We found birthday presents for our niece and nephew, and we had fun watching James chuck his pacifier and snack container every 5 minutes or so.  We also admired children’s books in Barnes and Noble, tasted Cold Stone ice cream (Steve ate about a pint!), and snickered at Aquarium employees lip synching to the Backstreet Boys.

After almost 6 hours inside the Mall, we dashed across the parking lot to our ever favorite Ikea store.  But by this point, my feet were absolutely killing me (even though I was wearing my Mizuno Wave Runners all day long).  Every time Steve stopped to admire things in a show room, I plopped on a couch and rested my aching legs and feet.  A pregnant gal can only walk so many miles before her body says, “Woah!”.

We did try out the worlds most comfortable chair (the Poang) & ottoman, and decided that since the price was comparable (if not cheaper) than a rocker-glider, that we’d much rather go with something far more aesthetically pleasing that either one of us could/would use for several decades.  We haven’t yet decided what would or leather cushion colors we’ll go with, but Steve is definitely picking up a chair from Ikea before he drives out of the state and back to PA!

He also let me get a new duvet cover from Ikea.  Yes, it was like pulling teeth, but thankfully, he did in fact say, “yes”.  I can handle the fact that our baby crib will be in the same room as us in PA.  But, I really can’t handle the way absolutely everything in that room doesn’t match.  I had to endure that for 3 years in Florida, and I cringe thinking about having red, pink, mint green, and lilac all in the same room.  I know. . . some people don’t think it’s such a big deal, but if I’m going to be stuck in a house for close to 6 months with a baby, I might as well enjoy the look of the room where I’ll spend most of my time.

I ended up getting a navy blue duvet that has a white daisy design, Hanna Blom.  I can’t wait to pair it with white or yellow sheets.  I’ve already started working on yellow curtains that have a similar French provencale floral design in red and blue.  The room carpet is deep crimson red.  And, I plan to do baby bedding in bright primary colors (with a little green thrown in for balance).  I love the boldness of red, the cheeriness of yellow, and the serenity of blue.  Tie it all together in a way that works, and it’s so much fun.  I’ll post pix once I get the room in order . . . of course, that’ll be once we move back to the Keystone state.


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  1. May I suggest buying a white noise machine, if you don’t already have one, dear Garneckis? Newborns are SO loud when you are trying to sleep in a quiet room. They twist around and grunt and snore and, I”m telling you, a new mother’s ears have superpower hearing. If you must share a room with Baby G, you might consider a white noise machine! Or maybe you both are hard sleepers and you’ll do just fine!
    It’s fun to read about your latest adventures!

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