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32 Weeks Cont.

I feel like I’m lugging around more mass each day.  Yesterday, I was having a fairly normal pregnancy day at the clinic.  Finally, the last patient left for the day, and Steve & I decided to go to the grocery store to stock up on items for the next week.

Once we were in the grocery store, we had fun looking around in the huge organic/health foods section (those are REALLY popular out here in Minnesota).  We probably spent a little too much time there, because we hadn’t even combed through 3/4 of the grocery store looking for items we needed.

Once we got to the refrigerated meat section . . . it hit me.  I was super exhausted, really had to go to the bathroom, my feet hurt, and the baby was moving around like a couple of cats wrestling in a potato sack.  I literally went from calm and relaxed to super irritable and maxed out in 1 second.  Steve was taking his time looking at lots of things in the meat section, and I couldn’t see any place nearby where I could sit down and comfortably wait.  So, I squatted down in the aisle just to rest my legs.  Of course people thought something was wrong . . . a lady in an automatic driving cart offered to let me sit there for a few minutes (obviously our culture isn’t used to seeing people squat).

I decided the best thing I could do was head the bathroom and at least relieve one of my aggrevating factors.  I came back and Steve was still looking at meat selection (seriously, how long can that take?).  The baby was still moving so much that I felt nauseous, fatigued, and sore.  I told him I was going to plop down on a bench at the front of the store and wait for him there.

By now, my legs were achingly sore, my abdomen was moving unrelentlessly, I was lightheaded because I was so hungry, and I was super thirsty.  I tucked my legs underneath me while sitting on the bench, but I never could find a comfortable position.  I kept holding my stomach and unconsciously grimacing.  At one point my eyes watered and tears fell because I felt so uncomfortable and wanted to leave and be at home lying in my own bed or on a couch.

At least 10 people stopped by and asked if I was okay or needed to go to a hospital.  I thanked them kindly for checking on me, told them I was just pregnant and uncomfortable . . . waiting on my husband to check out so I could leave and go home.  That was all I could do.  No options to suddenly pig out on the produce in the middle of the grocery store, or bust open an aquafina bottle since I didn’t have my wallet on me.  All I could do was sit on a bench and wait.  One thought kept occurring to me, “I still have 2 months left of this!  I’m not even close to delivering this baby!”.

Finally, Steve finished up and we headed out to the truck.  But, the adventure wasn’t over yet.  We’d locked ourselves out of the truck.  Steve got mad at me for not bringing the keys in.  But, I wasn’t aware that that was my responsibility since I hadn’t been the one driving.  He had headed into the store before me and told me to sit in the cab while I finished up a phone call with a close friend with whom I hadn’t talked to in about a month . . . he’d said he didn’t want me walking around with him in the store while I was on the phone.  I didn’t know he’d left the keys in the truck when I eventually left the cab and went in the store to find him . . . so I’d just manually locked up the passenger side before I left.

Fortunately, we had our cell phone and we were members of AAA.  They were there within minutes, literally.  But of course, that whole thing was the last straw.  Steve was upset with me, and I was super upset with him for being upset with me.  I sat down in the bed of the truck, trying to stay warm (it’s like a chilly fall up here right now)–all I could think about was how hungry, thirsty, tired, cold, and frustrated I was.  If there was ever a low day in pregnancy, yesterday was that day.

While AAA was unlocking our truck, Steve had run back into the store to buy us pizza by the slice and water (he didn’t think AAA would arrive so quickly).  I had to stay by the truck since we had groceries in the bed . . . and one of us had to wait for AAA.  By the time Steve came back with the pizza, the truck was unlocked and the AAA guy was waiting for Steve to present his AAA card.

Before Steve had left to get pizza, he’d asked me what kind I wanted.  He’d only mentioned flavors that had meat toppings, and although I was hungry, the meat selection sounded pretty unappetizing.  I told him “no meat”.  Steve thought I’d said “meat”.  At this point, I was starving, and I wasn’t going to complain about it.  So, I ate it, and my stomach was grateful it had something to work with.

After the fact, I’d told Steve that I had said “no meat”, and he was utterly surprised that he’d misunderstood me.  I told him I ate it anyway because I was so desperately hungry, and I wasn’t going to complain.  He said “Good, I’ve heard about enough complaining in the past hour.”  I told him he’d do about the same if he was going through what I was going through.  this conversation may sound like an argument, but it wasn’t.  We were actually laughing at this point.  I was just relieved to be warm, fed, heading home, and drinking water.  That’s when Steve said I was like a baby . . . feeling uncomfortable and having to have needs met . . . he said I didn’t cry as much as a baby, but that my demands were like one.

So, now I feel like those pregnant women who do really bizarre and strange things in public because they’re just super uncomfortable–those ones I’ve read about in The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy.  Hey, at least I didn’t sit directly on the floor in the grocery store!

I slept about 10 hours last night. . . my body was so exhausted from everything.  I probably also drank about 1 quart of water throughout the night because I was so thirsty.

I can’t wait to one day feel physically normal again.

2 Responses

  1. Im sorry you had such a rough time! Don’t you hate that super hungry lightheaded/grumpiness. Just awful! I think if I saw a squatting pregnant woman I’d be concerned too. I have actually sat down on the floor, not in a grocery store though. If I’m tired Im going to rest, who cares what people think! From now on, for both of us, it’s probably best to make shorter trips. Hang in there, we’re almost done!

  2. Dolly,

    If there is one thing I could tell you from this experience, it is this: you are not just as demanding as a baby. No man will ever understand what we go through in pregnancy (try as they may). There is just no comparison. Having your body completely change, getting lightheaded (and sometimes passing out) in public, feeling like you have 9 months of flu-like symptoms, smelling everything with an extra-terrestrial sense, backaches, discomfort sleeping, hotflashes. You name it. They’ll never understand that. So, when you have a pregnancy moment like that again, call one of your girlfriends who has been/is pregnant. You will only find encouragement and empathy there.

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