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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Relocation Update

As far as we know, we are no longer moving to Asia. The opportunity to run a scoliosis/research chiropractic clinic overseas has become a closed door. For now, we are praying to determine where we will plant our roots to settle in the United States.

We’re primarily considering Rochester, NY; Lewisburg, PA; and Charlottesville, VA, but we’re open to just about anywhere. Some things we’re considering for a place to live include the following:

  • nearness to family (can we or they visit within half a day’s drive?)
  • weather and climate (Steve wants snow for skiing, and I want year round sunshine void of extreme cold)
  • the culture, business opportunity, and attractions of a city with the solitude and privacy of owning several acres of our own property outside of city limits
  • nearness to a decently large airport for convenience of travel
  • close proximity to a university or large college for the culture, the people it draws, the businesses it draws, and of course, college sports events
  • water, we both want to be somewhat near a river or lake for water sports and recreation opportunities

Ultimately, we hope to visit some of those cities by next spring. Once we find a place where we would both love to settle, then we can look at a more specific location for where I can open a private practice.

2 Responses

  1. Hi there,
    Tall orders for a place to live…Rochester certainly won’t be void of extreme cold!! Pennsylvania sounds nice. I thought it was beautiful when Aaron and I stayed somewhere around Allentown.
    You might look into Bend, Oregon. Does your family still live in Seattle area? Bend is not close to a major university, but it about 2-3 hours from U of O and OSU. It’s also not very close to a major airport (2.5 hrs to Portland) which is annoying. BUT: year-round sunshine without getting terribly cold, awesome skiing, a very relaxed, artsy, health-conscious population, and beautiful scenery. There are a number of smaller communities springing up around Bend, too. Maybe worth looking into–buy property now, because the prices keep going UP!

  2. Hey Dolly,

    I love Charlottsville! Its beautiful, especially in the fall, when my rowing team would travel there to race UVA… which is also a beautiful campus. Greg and I were concidering Charlottsville along with raleigh-durham NC before we decided on OH. I guess being near family and friends won over beautiful senery for us. But my compromise was many vacations… I’m holding Greg to that!

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