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36 Weeks

I’ll post photos sometime this week.  Finally back in PA relaxing.  Over the weekend, we drove up to NY (Auburn and Seneca Falls).  3 hours each way without air conditioning in the car.  Just shoot me, seriously!  Temp was in the upper 80s . . . blech!

We did get to visit Zuzu’s Cafe: a little place in Seneca Falls named after the young girl’s character in It’s a Wonderful Life.  Seneca Falls is where the movie was set.

I’m utterly sick of traveling at this point.  It’s not very fun as I’m now at 9 months.  I do want to visit my mom next weekend, but that’s ALL the road trip I want for the remainder of this pregnancy.  She’s 2.5 hours away.  I’m really hoping we can take the truck this time . . . at least the A/C works and the seats are WAY more comfortable!

The good news is that Steve & I finally agreed on a girl’s name.  This is something we’ve been “discussing” for the majority of the pregnancy.  He had his heart set on something that I find loathsome, but I was willing to agree to it for use as a middle name.  However, he adamantly wanted it as a first name.  He came up with another name, meaning-wise and sound-wise that we both like.  It’s not my TOP CHOICE, but then, it’s better than the alternative.  One day a few weeks ago, he told me he’d agree to flip the names around so that our name in agreement is the first name and the name he likes (me, not so much) is now the first name.  It was great to be in accord on that issue.

We’re still discussing boys names.  There are several we think are okay, but nothing yet that we love.  I made a suggestion to him the other day, and he threw in a middle name to go with.  He hasn’t given me the thumbs up yet, but he’s considering it.  So, we’ll see.


One Response

  1. I love reading your blog! I think you’re having a girl based on your belly pics, well, not really, more based on the heartrate, but who really knows anyway. Jonah’s was in the 160s and then went down to 140s but that was it. I thought you had a boys name and just agreed on a girls, name, so I thought you were having a girl, but maybe it’s a boy, since you haven’t decided on a boy’s name yet. I’ll guess girl. I thought Leslie was having a boy, and she surprised us w/ Sophie Grace on Sept. 2, weighing 6# 11, and 19.5″. Carrie and Steve Sanders, our ELIC missionaries to China, had Noah 1 week early on Sept. 7, weighing 7# 14, almost 21″.

    You’re full term, so you could have this baby anytime. Dolly, I commend you, you’re SO tough! I’m glad you and Steve laughed about the AAA and pizza thing, b/c That happened to me at 39 +3 when we locked the keys in the door tray at church and ppl were like, “make sure you can get to the hospital if you need to.” The Hospital I was delivering at was less than 1/2 a mi. away on the same road as the church and w/ so many ppl there w/ cars, I wasn’t worried about not getting there. We used our USAA “towing and labor” option and there was a lunch at church that day, so ppl were suggesting I go in there and eat. I was surprisingly fine, just thirsty, and of course I could use the bathroom at church. Our friends waited w/ us till the locksmith came, and I got to sit in their car and chat w/ my girlfriend while her boys and Greg and her husband bonded w/ some other churchmembers as they tried to unlock it w/ a hanger. 🙂 Greg was mad at himself, and I was just thankful for all the kind ppl at church and our friends that waited w/ us in their car.

    I’m SO glad God answered our prayers that you would get all your chiro stuff done before the baby came. Now you can relax and wait and think about the baby and try to sleep and continue to eat and drink as much as can fit in your tiny tummy, since the uterus is taking up like 90% of your abdomen right now. No wonder that bladder gets emptied all the time. And you’re handling it SO much better than I would. I commend you for being SO patient and poor Steve didn’t even know that you could go from calm to “I just want to lie down” in 1 second. I remember Greg looking at me like, “what?” Our poor husbands, they can’t feel what we’re feeling and our irritability scares them sometimes. It’s great that y’all can laugh about it.

    We’re praying for y’all daily.

    Love you!

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