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Prego with (hopefully) less than 2 weeks to go

I’ve not posted any recent pix since I seldom wear anything other than pajamas or sweat pants . . . since they’re the most comfortable things that still fit around my expanding hips (thanks, relaxin!) and allow me to move with ease and not have to keep pulling up the waistline.  Oh, I can’t WAIT to wear normal clothes again.  I’d better have this baby soon or I’m gonna run out of clothes to wear in public!

Last week, I had a nasty evening of early labor and unfortunate associated parasympathetic symptoms.  Vomiting 5 times in 3 hours (a total of 6 times in 6 hours) is not what I consider a situation that makes it easy to relax.  It didn’t help that trying to lie down or recline just caused incessant dizziness and vertigo that made retching all the more likely.  The poor baby . . . kicking and hiccoughing about as violently as I was barfing . . . which of course was met with 10 hours of contractions which were regularly 20-30 minutes apart.

I was finally able to prop myself up in bed in a semi-reclined position, and due to utter exhaustion, I was able to get some sleep (until I woke up through regular intervals of contractions).  The next day, everything seemed to calm down, although my abdominal muscles felt like they had had a serious Abs of Steel workout the day before.  I didn’t leave the house, stuck to fruit and raw veggies for sustenance, and I relaxed all day long.  By the 3rd day, I felt recovered, but wary about doing anything that could provoke another outburst of a vomiting marathon.

Turns out all those crazy events sparked some internal changes and progression as far as the baby’s concerned.  Based on dilation, effacement, and pelvic station progress, my midwife is pretty certain that I won’t be overdue, and more than anything I’ll be on time, if not early.

As of today, I’ve completed 38 weeks, so I’m ready to have this baby any day now.  I mean it.  Let’s do this.  I’d love to meet the little one, and I’m so ready to not lug around all this extra mass in my belly . . . it’s so exhausting!


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