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You know you’re VERY pregnant when . . .

10. The first thing you scope out at any location (store, park, etc.) is the nearest bathroom facility

9. You KNOW where the bathroom is in every grocery store and gas station that you regularly visit, and it’s the FIRST stop you make.

8. You go to the bathroom every 5 minutes within a 1 hour period because the baby’s smash your bladder flat as a pancake and it has the capacity of exactly 5 drops before it must be emptied.

7. You waddle when you walk, and you’re not trying to imitate a duck.

6. Your husband has to give you a shove in order for you to actually get out of the passenger’s seat of the car.

5. In order to sleep comfortably, you have to use at least 5 pillows, which often leaves nary 1 foot of width for your spouse to sleep on the same bed.

4.  Your super squashed stomach feels hungry every 1.5-2 hours, and so you snack regularly.

3. When you look down, you can’t see your feet, and haven’t been able to for months.

2. You’ve been wearing maternity clothes for so long, you’ve forgotten how to zip a zipper.

1. Even if you were scared out of your wits to go through labor when you first learned you were pregnant, now you can’t wait to go through it and be done with pregnancy!


One Response

  1. Jump up and down. rub mineral oil on your belly. Drink epsom salt (don’t do this one). Get intimate. I was told to do all these things to induce labor. The only thing that works is prayer. Either God will bring labor to you or peace to wait it out. Enjoy the last bits of inner movement of you and you little baby. You will soon have you hands full, enjoy the belly full, it is actually simplier.

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