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Starting 41 weeks . . . and counting

Seriously. How long can you be half-way dilated and effaced before the baby wants to come out? If it descends any further, it’ll be in my lap . . .but no active labor, just random, intermittent contractions.

As for all the lovely suggestions that people have offered to help start labor, I’ve tried almost all of them (except for the glass of wine and soak in the tub—Steve won’t even let me TASTE alcohol while I’m pregnant)–obviously, nothing has worked.

So, apart from the long walks with Steve or his sister, I’m gonna start walking with a walking group tomorrow night. They do 3 miles twice a week in downtown Tunkhannock. At least there are bathroom facilities nearby, because that’s always my limiting factor.

My 5 year-old nephew thought it would be cool if the baby was born at Christmas. Lord help me if it’s not born by the end of the month! My 9 year-old niece thinks I need to ride a roller coaster to start labor. Although that may indeed work, I told her I wouldn’t have any place to actually deliver a baby if I was at an amusement park. She replied, “just put the seat down in the back of the car!”. Ha!

Tonight, I’m making guacamole because I love it, it’s good for me, and I have nothing better to do! Oh, except to watch week 4 of Dancing with the Stars.

I just started reading this:


I don’t yet have much to report since I just started it. But, I was toilet trained before age 2. And even by 2, I was only wearing a diaper at night. Since we’re one of the few countries that still has children in diapers at ages 3, 4, or 5, I figure the rest of the world has got to be on to something. Besides, training a baby against its natural tendencies to be comfortable sitting in a poop-filled diaper for a few years, and then transitioning ’em to a toilet after the fact seems like a lot of extra work, time, and money spent on diapers. I’d rather help our baby learn to let us know when he needs to go to the bathroom, or go there himself. By the way, I use the masculine pronouns only because it’s proper to default to them when gender is unknown. . . we do not yet know the gender of our bambino. Diaper Free was written by Harvard grad Christine Gross-Loh and there’s an online support group for parents who are into that type of parenting.



3 Responses

  1. There is a couple at my church who have been doing this since their daughter was born and last time I talked to her about it she said it was going well. I will inquire some more and report back. Good luck with all the labor silliness. We are praying ferverently for you!

  2. Walking is the best pregnancy exercise throughout your pregnancy. However, try to practice aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises.

    Dancing, pilates, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, stretching, biking are also good pregnancy exercises. Whatever the exercise may be, always listen to your body signs.

    Always avoid sit-ups, weight lifting, jarring, bouncing, leaping, and exercises with backward bending.

  3. Praying for a fast delivery and that this little babe will come out soon! Also praying that it’s not like it’s father and want’s to bake an extra 3 WEEKS! I don’t think we need anymore mom’s riding a tree in the back of a pickup truck 5days before christmas! lol

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