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Magical Baby Powers

Like most babies, Calvin possesses magical powers that can change the aura in a room full of disgruntled people. Here’s an example:

A group of adults were engaged in a tense and uncomfortable conversation. Calvin and I passed by and instantly he became the center of attention merely by his presence. People began talking about him and his cuteness and babies in general. This conversation shift lasted a good 30 to 45 minutes (until I had to change his diapers). I found it altogether amazing and congratulated him with a shower of kisses on his magical powers to change a prickly cold room into something more warm and fuzzy.

As far as meeting strangers . . . or strangers meeting us, rather. . . that’s also a magical baby power: magnetism. Calvin’s got magnetism in volumes. He gets more compliments on his cuteness than any baby or puppy I’ve ever been around. Let’s face it, people are just drawn to cute things like babies and puppies when they’re small, content, and happy. Even when he’s a little fussy in public, people come up to him and lavish him with compliments as he returns their smiles with a big bright one of his own.

If you’re a shy person, don’t have a baby. Actually, you SHOULD have a baby . . . it’ll break you of your shyness. I’m not shy, but sometimes I like to keep to my invisible circle of personal space. Well, you can just forget personal space exists once you have a baby. Your boobs are no longer your own.  Your stylish wardrobe transforms into attire that can sop up spit up and pee.  Can’t wear your hair down or adorn dangly earrings–if you do, you’ll soon regret it.  Your body, clothes, bed, and are no longer yours.  Rather, they’re shared, constantly, by a little person who’s not even as tall as your knee.  Such an existence is altogether wonderful, unnerving at times, and absolutely fleeting.

Charm. Cuteness. Contagious smiles and laughs. Tiny. Snuggly. While all those words sound plain and blasé, they’re really just a front for the captivating powers of babydom that an infant wields in his tiny fist.

The baby power that humbles me beyond compare is my son’s ability to love me unconditionally.  I cherish it beyond measure.  Perhaps it is not that babies appear so small and sweet that causes even the grumpiest of folks to melt in an instant, perhaps it is, instead, that they possess a love and mirth that has not yet been spoiled with social norms and discrimination.  They simply love on others without expecting anything in return, and THAT is a most awesome power!

One Response

  1. Its so true, my sister took 5-month old Josh to the mall and came back with the comment “Do random strangers come up to you all the time and ask questions about Josh?” Babies are God’s little miracles…tiny bundles of potentiality. As a new mom the attention takes getting used too, but I’ve seen pics and your little guy is a cutie.

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