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I haven’t posted in awhile post

Hello Avid Readers,

For the faithful who check this site everyday who end up feeling disappointed that there haven’t been regular photos and stories about adventures with Calvin . . . I apologize.  I’ve just been too dang busy hanging out with the little guy that I don’t take the time to blog.

I’ll try to post at least once a week, or at least provide a regular photo now and then.  My flickr site hasn’t been updated since he was probably 6 weeks old or younger . . . he’s 3 1/2 months now.

Here’s what we’ve been up to . . . lots of traveling.  Since we visited Charlottesville and Lewisburg, we’ve once again visited Lewisburg to look at prospective commercial property for a practice.  There are possibilities, but it’s not my top choice.

We’re still pursuing our options in Charlottesville, although starting over since we’re out of grad school and Steve’s been self-employed for only a few months makes us utterly ineligible for a home owner’s loan . . . even for a condo.  So, that puts us in the market for renting something within our price range . . . which amounts to an apartment.

Meanwhile, Steve is pursuing job leads for something that he enjoys that also gives him flexibility to help out with Calvin and some of the financial aspects of our future practice.

Ultimately, we’re just searching and praying for the right opportunity to present itself.  I feel like we’re stuck here in north eastern PA–land of perpetual winter, icy roads, blizzards, and all around sucky weather.  I truly can’t WAIT to move to the beloved south–land of aspiring green trees, mountains, rushing rivers, and where people unabashedly say “y’all”.

Calvin loves his play gym, swimming the back stroke in the tub, story-time (especially when read to by his daddy), flying in the air, being tickled, blowing spit bubbles, and talking.

I’m becoming quite experienced at stretching the food budget–in a good way.  I’m learning from Steve’s grandfather how to make meals upon meals out of a single roasted chicken or turkey.  I think I made enough lunches and dinners out of a roasted 14 lbs. turkey to last 3 weeks ( I still have bags of cubed turkey in the freezer as well as a pan of enchiladas).  I was especially impressed with learning how to make homemade broth.  Now, I don’t have to worry about all the extra crap that goes into that store-bought stuff . . . where “natural flavors” really means “M-S-freakin’ G”.  None of those brain damaging excitoxins in MY soup!

Tonight, I’m making gingerbread in a crockpot. . . you can do amazing things with molassas, let me tell ya!

Oh, well, gotta go.  The ravenous beast has awoken from his light slumber.  Photos will be posted very soon!


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