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Chilly in Philly

We had a fun family vacation in Philly.  We didn’t really go for a vacation, but that’s what it felt like . . . a sweet hotel room for the 3 of us.  Calvin crashed out in his travel bassinet after a long day in the car and running around with us at Ikea.  We stopped at Ikea first for the fun of looking around and getting decor ideas for our future custom-built home (a few years away!).  Calvin faced out in the baby bjorn and loved the fact that the store was quiet and filled with lots of bright lights to captivate his attention.

We liked the cafeteria. . . decent food for a very reasonable price.  Steve launched into prime rib, I had chicken marsala, and we shared a greek salad and savored our own swedish apple tortes.

Once we got to our hotel, we wanted to give Calvin a chance to swim in an actual pool where it was deep enough for him to hold on to us and swim on his belly.  Too bad they kept the pool temperature at a pretty chilly level.  He didn’t like it one bit…although he did push off the side of the pool and kick for a bit.  He was just plumb worn out . . . so we got him to bed in a jiffy.  Hopefully we can find a warmer pool for him to try out before he gets too big!

Philly was cold. . . FREEZING, in fact, but there was no snow on the ground.  Nope, that’s reserved for those of us in northeastern PA.  Well, at least I got away from the snow and ice for a couple of days.

Calvin did so well on our trip.  He woke up and was totally content for most of the day while we attended a chiropractic seminar.  The worst part was getting him to finally settle down for a nap, but Steve worked magic as super dad.

We got home pretty late Saturday night, even though he slept the entire road trip home (3 hours).  I fed him then got him to bed immediately.  He pulled a 6 hour and 5 hour stretch between feedings. . . . good, but he’s done longer.  Please oh please sleep longer tonight!  Speaking of . . . I’d better get to bed before little guy wakes up.


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