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Potty Training

    Yesterday, Calvin used his potty 6 times. Not bad for a 3 1/2 month old. We sat him on it after we took off a wet diaper for the majority of the day. I’d tried to put him on it in the past in the evening, but he just got irritated with it. Since he’s happiest in the morning and early afternoon, I figured that’s the best time to start working with him. He laughed, talked up a storm, and smiled at me while we waited for him to go.
    He only went once or twice in his potty today since he was a little cranky (not enough nap time). But, he, we’re just goin’ with the flow (no pun intended). I hope for him to eventually be able to sign to me when he needs to go, and eventually grow to be independent from a diaper.
    I love that this Baby Wunder Deluxe potty is clear. So, I don’t have to lift him off the pot to see whether or not he’s done his business. It’s the same shape as the popular Baby Bjorn little potty version (all their models are opaque plastic).
    You can get your Baby Wunder Deluxe at the EC Store for less than $20. You can also read about elimination communication in The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative.This book definitely helped us get started with confidence.

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