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Summary of Cool News in Warm Places

We’re back in town from the shimmery summery land of sunshine and oranges sweeter than honey.  I’m walking on both legs without the aid of a brace or crutches (I’ve been able to walk well for the past week!).  Calvin cut his first tooth last Sunday (lower left incisor).  And, I won a really cool jazz reversible sling from Jess’s contest on O Mama Mia courtesy of Kelley from Babe-a-gogo.  I can’t WAIT to wear it!  Calvin smiled very big when I shared the good news with him.

Ahhh, it was so wonderful to enjoy at least a couple of days with the warm healing sun on my face.  Calvin traveled so amazingly well, and we attribute part of it to the numerous road trips we’ve done since he was born.  Only one day was he really past his limit in the car seat . . . it was a 14 hour day in the car (9 hours per google maps, but that doesn’t count stops for nursing and dinner in St. Augustine).  We were nearing 11pm and the hotel was out of rooms when they sent us 8 miles away to another location which was also out of rooms.  Calvin finally got fed, and by then, he was too awake to sleep.  So, we played with him in a giant whirlpool tub (who needs a pool when you have tubs like THAT in the hotel room?) and he finally crashed at 1 am.  Yes, I know that’s late, but considering he slept for HOURS on end in the car, we weren’t too concerned.

The time change thing threw him off . . . he’s normally up and ready to play by 5:30 or 6 am, but we were able to let him keep sleeping most mornings while we packed up our things and got ready in the mornings.

Along the way and back again, we were hosted by wonderful friends and family.  Mel & Stew, thanks for the fantastic gourmet pizza and beer (root beer), but nothing beats a warm shower and a comfy bed after traveling!  Mike & Judy, thanks for EVERYTHING.  We loved the home cooking after so many days of restaurant food.  Thanks for opening up your home, even offering up your room so there were enough beds for all of us.  You are all wonderful people and we appreciated the hospitality so much.  Ronnie, you look so healthy and beautiful, and we know Calvin will cherish the precious book you gave him.  We had a great time with you for a Palm Sunday breakfast–thank you!

While at the Ligonier Ministries national conference, we enjoyed seeing friends from the time we were members of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Florida.  Of course, we enjoyed the fantastic speakers and time of worship.  As always, we had fun helping with bookstore set-up and tear-down.  Of course, with my knee and Calvin, I didn’t participate as heavily as I did last year, but, what I was able to do, I did heartily as unto the Lord.

We’d love to attend next year–the conference is extended to commemorate 500 year anniversary of John Calvin’s birth.  But, since it’ll be our first year in our clinic, we’re not making any plans until we see how things pan out.  We hope to make an offer on a practice for sale and move to Charlottesville, Virginia in the near future.  As always, we’ll keep y’all posted.

For now, the snow flurries aren’t as achingly cold or endlessly fluttering by.  Memories of the recent trip to lands of golden sunshine remain ever present, and everything seems so much happier around this cold Pennsylvania land.


2 Responses

  1. Congrats, again mama! I can’t wait to see you styling your lovely Jazz!
    Moving to VA??? I’m in the beachy land of VA! Forget the snow! Its in the high 60’s here today!!

  2. […] In the photo above, I’m proudly wearing my new jazz reversible sling from Babe-a-Gogo (custom-made by Kelley) that I WON on O Mama Mia. It fits great, whether Calvin faces out or toward me. You can see Kelley’s Etsy shop here. I blogged about this great contest win here. […]

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