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100th Post Annversary Giveaway!

We have numerous things to celebrate today:

1. Calvin turns 5 1/2 months old!

2. Tax season is OVER.

3. Traveling with Baby Boy (originally called Traveling with Baby) just completed its 100th post.

So, let’s celebrate with a fabulous Mama and Baby Balm Giveaway courtesy of Least Likely to Breed:

The Giveaway Winner will receive a total of 4 tins (2 oz.)–one of each of the fabulous balms that make parenting and post-partum so much easier. These products are made with naturally-occurring oils that are safe for nursing moms. This is great for expectant moms, new moms, nursing moms, or as a shower gift.  All 4 tins are worth $24 and one of you can win it for FREE!

Of these 4 fabulous products, I’ve personally used the Roid Rage and was immediately delighted with the results. Leigh at Least Likely to Breed published my Roid Rage testimonial on her site. With a name like Roid Rage and a product that goes on clear and greaseless, you just can’t go wrong when everything else about hemorrhoids IS wrong!

Post-partum recovery, I was using hemorrhoid pads with witch hazel, and they just weren’t doing the trick. I needed something with more gusto that was safe to use while breastfeeding, and Roid Rage answered the call.

Not only do they have fabulous balms for mom & baby’s sensitive skin but they make the most fabulous lip balms with yummy flavors and great ingredients. I love a site that boasts about its ingredients and doesn’t have anything to hide. I’ve personally tried the pistachio (which came as a freebie with my Roid Rage) and the Peppermint (which came as a freebie from another merchant) and I love them both!

Contest Rules:

1. Visit Least Likely to Breed and comment on what you like most about the products AND tell me one of Mom’s previous careers. Just tor fun, you can also comment about how much you like reading my blog and seeing photos of Calvin.

2. Leave your name and contact email address, so I can notify you of your win!

2. One entrant per person, please. Comment by 11:00 EST on April 18th.

4. A winner’s comment will be selected randomly and the winner will be announced on April 19th on the blog, and the winner will be contacted via email. I’ll only contact you to announce you’ve won, and I will not sell your email address nor email you for other purposes other than associated with this Giveaway.

This is my first time hosting a Giveaway on the blog, and I’m grateful to Leigh at Least Likely to Breed!


32 Responses

  1. Funny names! But anyways, I like the Booty Balm.

  2. I LOVE the names!!! Project Manager

  3. Cool giveaway! Their website is great, very easy to surf. I love the names of their products and that they don’t contain a ton of chemicals. Mom was a cake decorator at one point! Thanks for offering this!

  4. Hi! These products are hilarious. I think I like the fact they are all herbal. I especially like the “push presents” in a black velvet box. Mom was once a wedding cake decorator!

    Your son is adorable. I’m having my first girl in June and can’t wait! :O)

  5. Hi! I’ve been following your blog since Calvin was born. Happy 5.5 month birthday, Calvin!! 🙂 I have a son as well – he will be a year old in a couple weeks. Isn’t it great?!? Thanks for hosting this giveaway – these are fun products! I like the wholesome ingredients, but I also like her dry sense of humor and the fun labels!

  6. A wedding cake decorator…what a cool job! I like the names of the products, so funny it makes you want to try them! I can’t wait to tell my friends about it!

  7. So, you are super funny Dolly! Well I loved the names and the usefulness of the products. I haven’t used them yet, but I would say that they seem to me to be very practical. Also the Mom used to be a massage therapist and cake decorator.

    Give Calvin a big hug and tell him to keep “munching” those avocadoes.

  8. Hey girl!! I am feeling a win here. I have never used these products but if you say they are good I am sure I will be using them sometime in the near future!!! Anyway, are you the mom we are talking about?? If so you used to work in the library at PCCF!! But I dont know, cake decorator is cool too:) I have been reading your blog since I was at Florida but have become a bit obsessed with it now since that beautiful baby was born. Wow he is so awesome. I miss you Dolly. Love you

  9. These product names are a HOOT!!! Thanks for introducing them! I’m loving the booty balm & will more than likely be ordering the bundle for me & soon-to-arrive baby girl!

  10. The names are hilarious. How can you choose?! Once upon a time, I was a counselor.


  11. The names are great, very differant! A massage therapist.


  12. I really like the Thank You Better than Average Lip Balm in Peppermint. I like that the prodcuts provide better moisture than most products on the market. Mom used to be a wedding cake decorator.

  13. well i have never use any of it but i would be willing to try any one of them so that i may know what thay are like thanks for leting me enter jenny9675309(a+)y*H**(d@t)c0m

  14. I laughed when I read the names
    nor_lou at hotmail dot com

  15. I think the names are hilarious.

    Project manager was another job.

    And I think the photos of your son are fabulous.

  16. The names are awesome! And I love that they created products for these very specific needs we have! the Mom was, among other things, once a massage therapist. Thanks – awesome blog!

  17. I like that they are funny about it. She is a former massage therapist. Great giveaway, thanks!

  18. The Product Names are too funny!

  19. pastry chef!
    The names are outstanding!

  20. I am not sure if I am too late, but if not, please enter me in your drawing. I like the “Roid Rage!” I had problems after my second son was born. It helped immensely. They have wonderful products and are cleverly designed. Your son is adorable. I have two sons and I think boys are super. Thanks,Cindi

  21. Happy Blog Anniversary and I hope you have many more…..Cindi

  22. Love the Thank You lip balm..mom is a massage therapist..cake decorator…small business owner. Great pix of Calvin! Great site.

  23. What fun, something to make you smile at with the 2am diaper changes! Love Booty Balm@@ Thanks!

  24. All of them crack me up and I love the concept of custom printing tubes of lip balm… now I just need a logo!

  25. I love that the products are natural and that the names don’t try to fluff over what they are for. Real women who have babies might need roid cream. and shouldn’t be embarassed. Mom was a pastry chef.

    This is my first visit to your site and I love it! I especially like the links you have to no-circ, vaccine awareness, cloth dipes, etc.

  26. […] the Winner is . . . Congrats to Danielle who won the Mama and Baby Balm Giveaway.  Her randomly selected winning comment: “The names are great, very differant! A massage […]

  27. I love their product names, and really like the fact that they’re all all natural.

  28. I love that they use all natural ingredients and they tell you what is in the products and what it is used for. The names are great!

    One of the jobs mom had was as a wedding cake decorator. That sure is a lot of jobs.

    My first visit and I’m sure to be back.

  29. I like the funny names. Hilarious. Cutie Calvin.
    wedding cake decorator was one of Mom’s jobs.

  30. Mom was a pastry cook. I love the names of the products and anything that comes in pistachio has to be great.

  31. Love that they use all natural ingredients and that the owner is funny in describing her products and blunt at the same time.

    “mom” used to be an artist at one time.

  32. Boys are so fun. I have a 2 year old and they are pretty special. I love the names of your products and that they do not have any chemicals. Mom used to be a wedding cake decorator at one time!!!!

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