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Baby Food Woes

The first 4 days of avocados were . . . interesting. Calvin enjoyed eating like us and helping me with the spoon. Unfortunately, Calvin got dry skin on his chin and cheeks and they turned red. He’d get a similar reaction if I drank orange juice before nursing him.

We weren’t sure if he was reacting to the avocados, the water, or if he just wasn’t getting enough hydration. So, yesterday, we went back to just breastmilk–and he had another restless night (waking up every hour until 11:30pm, and then every 2-3 hours all night). Obviously, this kiddo needs more to eat than just breastmilk. My other suspicion is that he hadn’t eliminated any bowel movements in 2 days–so, I thought it was manifesting itself as extra ruddy and dry skin on his cheeks.

Seems like his skin cleared up today completely, and so did his bowels. Steve woke me up for poop show-and-tell in Calvin’s potty this morning. I changed 2 other diapers that were jam-packed. He got EVERYTHING out of his system today.

So, we gave it another go at solid (deceiving word) foods, but this time we used sweet potatoes and limited it to 1 teaspoon instead of 1 tablespoon. Like every other day, he gobbled up the food eagerly. I noticed he was much better at swallowing the food compared to the first day we tried feeding him with a spoon. Yet, he still wanted to nurse frequently. I took it as a cue that he was actually thirsty, so we went back to the sippy cup. He figured out how to suck on the sippy to make water come out, but he was more interested in chewing on the spout for his sore gums.

I hope his body reacts better to the sweet potatoes, and I think I’ll continue to give him more than the recommended 4-6 ounces.


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