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Chews Wisely

I’m a huge fan of mom-owned and mom-run companies, especially when they have great product ideas for moms and babies. Smart Mom began in 2002 when Amy and Kendra wanted to promote pretty and practical ideas for real moms. Teething Blingwas inspired by babies who like to tug on mom’s jewelry.

Smart Mom’s line of Teething Blingincludes donut-shaped and heart-shaped pendants and bangles. These fun and stylish pieces of jewelry are perfect for the hip-mama who wants to look trendy and yet remain armed with beautiful jewelry that’s safe for little ones to handle and chew.

My bling arrived in a beautifully-wrapped purple organza drawstring bag complete with a lapis lazuli patterned pendant (one of Calvin’s birthstones) and a mother of pearl bangle. I enjoyed perusing the enclosed pamphlet which contained photos of Hollywood mamas and papas wearing Smart Mom jewelry.

Calvin took to the donut-shaped pendant in a heartbeat, and he remained interested in it for quite a while (in terms of baby attention-span). It’s unlike other things that he chews on, because he soon tires of them since they’re not the best shape to comfortably fit in his mouth. There’s something about the smooth, flat, and firm-yet-chewable silicone that Calvin found extremely appealing time and time again. He reaches for it, tugs on it, and instantly chews on it like it’s the most entertaining thing in the world. My husband even remarked that Calvin REALLY LIKES the pendant compared to other chew toys. I was able to keep him content during church, and he plays with it during diaper changes instead of rolling to and fro!

Calvin also munched on the Teething Blingmother of pearl bangle. It wasn’t as entertaining as the pendant, but he still loved it. It’s easy to wear it instead of remembering to pack yet another toy in the diaper bag. Because I know it’s safe for him, I prefer that he uses Smart Mom products for teething as opposed to other companies’ plastic teething products filled with gel or unknown fluid. Teething Blingis made from the same material as many teething toys.

Smart Mom uses only the highest quality, phthalate/BPA/lead-free, federally approved, dishwasher-safe silicone in the Teething Blingline. The silicone is non-toxic, latex-free, and food-safe. The pendants come with a breakaway clasp for added protection in case you didn’t heed the warning about unsupervised handling by children is not recommended. Teething Bling looks great on Moms, Grandmas, and Aunties, but it’s also safe for curious babies who need to soothe their gums. This unique line isn’t offered by any other company.

The pendants come in a wide array of gemstone-inspired colors such as coral and jade and 3 new patterns such as brown snowflake, malachite, and lapis lazuli. Also, 9 yummy color options will be added later this year. There are 7 bangles (8 inch circumference) that you can mix or match with the pendants (2 inch diameter).

The rose quartz heart-shaped pendants are 20% off for the month of May. By ordering one, Smart Mom will also provide a a FREE matching bangle and Mother’s Day card this month, while supplies last.

Who’s talking about it? Pregnancy Magazine claimed the donut-shaped jade pendant as an editor’s pick in the March 2008 issue. Smart Moms Amy and Kendra were featured guests on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Last month, Smart Mom Jewelry was in Baby Couture. This month, this hot bling is also in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine.

Aside from pendants and bangles, Teething Bling also includes keychains for those who aren’t inclined to wear jewelry. Another great feature about Smart Mom products is that this company donates a percentage of all retail sales to two charitable organizations that inspire them.


Smart Mom is providing some jazzy Teething Bling for a giveaway. One reader will win a turquoise blue heart-shaped pendant with matching bangle. Another reader will win a jade donut-shaped pendant and matching bangle. These lovely gift sets are wrapped in beautiful purple organza drawstring sachets ready for gifting or savoring for yourself. Approximate retail value is $32 per person.

To enter, visit Smart Mom’s site and check out all the cool colors and styles of Teething Blingand other great items. Then, comment on this post on the color and style of bling that you think is fabulous, and comment on which item you’d like to win. This contest ends at midnight on June 2nd.

The winners will be selected via random.org and announced on this post and on Prizey Winners on June 3rd. I will try to accommodate the winners’ prize selection. In case both winners choose the same style/color, I will give the first randomly selected winner his/her choice, and the second winner will receive the remaining item. I know both winners will be extremely pleased with either design because these are just fantastic products!

In the case that the notified winners don’t respond within 72 hours, another winner will be selected.


Congratulations to the WINNERS!

Shilo Beedy

I would have to say Mother of Pearl Donut Shaped Pendant since it would go with almost anything. The jade donut shape is my favorite but the turquoise one is cute to. This would make a perfect baby shower gift for a friend.


Oh….I like the mother of pearl pendants. Such a wonderful idea and done in a such a tasteful manner.  The Moonstone is lovely also….

75 Responses

  1. What a cool idea! Tommy likes to chew on just about everything, so this would be great! I love the Green Tourmaline Donut Shaped Pendant, it has such great colors.

  2. i like the Blue Azurite Donut Shaped Pendant

  3. I love the turquoise donut shape the most! Even if I didn’t have a baby, I’d wear one of these. They’re super cute!

  4. The new patterned pendants are really pretty. There is one to go with almost any outfit. The tiger’s eye and the Lapis Lazuli donut shaped are my favorites. I would love to win the jade donut shaped pendant and matching bangle.

  5. I love the turquoise donut.

  6. The Jade donut is my absolute favorite. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while for my baby due in August…I had no teething or bfeeding bling for the last one.

    If I need to pick a style for my comment that you didn’t mention in the post, the moonstone is my second favorite.

  7. I like the Rose Quartz Heart Shaped Pendant-what a great idea!

  8. I’d like to win the jade donut if I won!!! As for the picking the other stuff.. i like the pearl colored donut necklace. Thanks for a great prize. I’ve wanted to try these. My daughter has a very hard time teething.

  9. My favorite is the Moonstone Donut Shaped Pendant, but I also like the Jade one and would love to win that one!!

  10. The jade donut rocks but my true favorite on the site is the NEW Pink Chalcedony Donut Shaped Pendant. So yummy!

  11. I love the jade donut but, think both prizes are great. My favority item on the site is the Blue Azurite Donut Shaped Pendant. So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I really like the Blue Azurite Donut Shaped Pendant – NEW! Love the colors and the pattern.

  13. I love the Onyx Donut Shaped Pendant it fits me but the Blue Azurite catches the eye. These pendants are a great idea I love them all.

  14. What a fab idea! My favorite is the Jade donut shaped pendant. I had to decie between this and the turquoise donut shaped pendant!

  15. Oh my gosh – they have new colors and DESIGNS and keychains! Sooo awesome! I love them all, but for the sake of this giveaway I’ll say that I like the Blue Azurite Keychain is my favorite….or maybe the Malachite Pendant!

    I would love to win either one of the Teething Bling necklaces!

  16. love the blue azurite

  17. My twins just turned 6 months and I think this is such a great idea! I’d love to win the jade one and give the little ones what they want while enjoying something nice for myself…. for a change : )

  18. I love the blue azurite donut shaped and would be happy to win either of the two you are giving away, although i prefer the jade. Thanks! My son would love these.

  19. I love the blue azurite donut shaped and would be happy to win either of the two you are giving away, although i prefer the jade. Thanks! My son would love these.

  20. I love the “coming soon” Butterscotch Donut pendant. Really nice! I would prefer to win the Jade Donut, but I like them both. Thanks!!!

  21. I like the Brown Snowflake Donut Shaped Pendant the best. Although the butterscotch color coming soon is beautiful. For the giveaway, I prefer the jade. I’m an earthtone kinda girl. 😉

  22. I would like to win the blue heart and bangle. My fav on the site is the Pink Chalcedony Donut Shaped Pendant .

  23. I’ve looked at this site before and love, love, love the Lapis Lazuli pendant. It would match the pair of earrings my husband gave me the first Christmas we were dating. 🙂 Anyway, the two giveaway gift sets are gorgeous too, but given my druthers, I’d choose the jade donut-shaped pendant and bangle.

  24. I love the brown snowflake donut shaped pendant! Would love to have the jade pendant and bangle. Thanks!

  25. I like the black bangles!

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