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Breastfeeding Lingerie for the Working Woman

You don’t have to be a working mom to benefit from this review. After all, once you become a mom, you have a career for life! This nursing bra review is for the woman who regularly or occasionally leaves the house and wants to wear clothing more stylish than pajamas.

The bras covered in this review are evaluated according to the ability to provide support with a comfortable cup and to achieve a seamless look in professional and form fitting clothing. The majority of the bras I reviewed do not have an underwire. The bras that do have an underwire are either lactation consultant-approved or they’re removable.

Because this is a family-oriented website, I prefer to not display images of the models wearing the bras. In case you happen to be reading this at work, such internet content may be considered questionable. So, if and when you want to see what the bras look like, just click on the appropriate hyperlinks embedded within the review and you’ll be directed to the manufacturer/distributor’s site.

Until now, the search for the perfect nursing bra was pretty disappointing: not enough padding to prevent “nipping out”, or the band was too tight while the cups were too big or vice versa. At two months post partum, I tried a nursing bra with underwire, and it left me with a plugged duct which later developed into mastitis. After that experience, I was extremely wary of bras with underwire, but I recently found some bras that have regained my confidence in underwire.

La Leche League International

The international beacon for breastfeeding education and support also offers a clothing line of intimate attire. I felt snug and secure in the La Leche League International (LLLI) Intimates by QT Intimates Solid Fleece Lined bra #4114 in pink (also available in nude). LLLI shipped the bra along with nursing reminder bracelet in the form of an elastic bracelet/ponytail holder with a LLLI bean-shaped charm. It’s designed to help moms remember which side they nursed on last.

The bra is so comfortable with a solid fleece lined microfiber with lace trim (other fabric materials are nylon and spandex). This was one of the most comfortable and supportive bras I’ve ever worn. It could very easily double as a sports bra for moderate impact activities. The cup support has a flirty feminine pink lace edging across the top. This is not a bra for plunging necklines, but it’s great for all-day support and comfort. Perfect for the working and breastfeeding mom. The seamless cups allow for a smooth look under clothes. The drop cup for nursing uses an easy one-hand buckle.

Band sizes range from 32 to 42, and cup sizes vary from A to H. The LLLI Intimates by QT Intimates Solid Fleece-Lined Bra #4114 retails for $25. Order yours here.

A Mother’s Boutique

For the woman who wants the look of an underwire bra in addition to the comfort of no underwire, the Nunderwire® nursing bra offers both! A Mother’s Boutique provides a great option with the QT Intimates Nunderwire® nursing bra. This bra features a removable metal underwire which provides multiple wear options. Breastfeeding is easy with the drop cups, and the clips make one-handed re-clasping a breeze with an active baby. This bra features a lace top cup and a micro bottom cup which makes you feel sexy, supported, and comfortable. Due to the lace on the cup, it’s not a completely smooth look in a form-fitting blouse, but it does prevent the “nipping out” affect due to the strategic placement of the lace and micro fabrics. The arm straps are adjustable with mild stretch, and the band has 3 clasp size options.

You get more than just a bra when you order from A Mother’s Boutique, you also get a wealth of free information on breastfeeding. Judy Masucci, Ph.D. is a Mom, Owner, and President of A Mother’s Boutique. She authored 2 fantastic articles on breastfeeding: 1) Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers, and 2) Working and Breastfeeding Tips for Success. I gleaned so much valuable information from these articles that I wish I had when I first began nursing.

I started this business to help new mothers–so, writing articles is my way of helping out. Both of them were published in the Expectant Mother’s Guide, and I send them out with every order.

The Nunderwire® bra is gorgeous, comfortable, and economical at the extremely affordable price of $14. It comes in white and nude in all sizes from 34B to 40DD/E. A Mother’s Boutique offers free domestic ground shipping on all orders greater than $50. I give this bra a huge thumbs up for all-day wear in the workplace.


Medela® not only makes hospital-grade breastfeeding pumps and baby bottles, but they also have an entire line of mega comfortable intimate apparel. The Medela® Seamless Soft Cup Bra, and a Seamless Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra.

Essentially, both bras are exactly the same except one bra includes an underwire, and the other does not. The seamless cup bras incorporate an incredible loose weave engineered lace which expands and contracts as your breasts wax and wane throughout the day. There’s an additional tight weave which provides all-day comfort and support. The seamless styles feature a resilient cotton-spandex and nylon fabric blend. For both bras, the cup sizes range from A to H (where sizes D through H have extra padded straps for comfort.)

I was extremely impressed with the comfort level of the underwire bra, in fact, it was almost on par with the comfort level of the seamless bra that had no wire. I felt the difference when I first put the bra on, but after awhile, I didn’t even notice the underwire . . . now, that’s a comfortable bra! The fabric is great and seamless, however, I noticed ever-so-slight bunching of the cup fabric immediately after nursing when my cup size has decreased the most. So, I think this bra looks great in a medium-weight fabric blouse, but not necessarily a t-shirt thin blouse.

The only area for improvement is the release clasp. I found it awkward to re-clasp it with one hand compared to other nursing bras because the top of the clasp is only anchored on one end. This clasp could be improved simply by anchoring both ends of the femald end to the bra strap . However, I felt this bra’s fabric, above all others tested, had the unique ability to support a nursing woman’s changing cup size and weight as milk supply fluctuated throughout the day. Although Medela® doesn’t sell these bras directly, they do create them and have purchase options through retailers here.

On average, the Seamless bras retails from $30 to $40. Definitely a great bra for all-day wear at work or home.

Passion Spice

Want a spark of color to enhance your cleavage? Passion Spice has anchored the sexy corner of the nursing bra spectrum. The dazzling hot pink Amor bra is the only Passion Spice bra without underwire, which is precisely why I chose to review it. This bra is the buxom fashionista of lactation lingerie. . . at least, it makes you feel like a haute mamasita in red high heels. This bra may be more appropriate to wear at home than at work, if you know what I mean. However, it does pass the seamless test well, as long as you’re wearing dark-colored or medium-to heavy weight clothing. This bra features a beautiful floral design with mesh overlay, one-handed access clasps and drop cups for easy breastfeeding, adjustable straps, and 3 band-sizing options. Instead of an underwire, this bra utilizes an inverted “v”-strap system with the same fabric that’s used in the straps.

This bra made me feel happy and beautiful, but I found the v-straps to be a little “scratchy” on my skin. Otherwise, it was a very comfortable bra. Even with the endurance test (at least 3 hours), I was still aware of the “v-straps” and I kept adjusting them under my blouse.

I highly recommend this bra for wearing at home . . . nurse your baby before bed . . . then have some alone time with the hubby. But, I wouldn’t recommend this bra for all-day wear when you’re out and about.

Passion Spice is owned by Wes and Katy Linda. They purchased the business in January of this year so that Katy can stay at home with their daughter and still run a business to help moms feel beautiful during pregnancy and beyond.

The Amor bra retails for $24. Sizes range from 32B to 42F. Passion Spice’s flat rate shipping is $4.95 Order yours here.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, what a wealth of good info! I admit, I skimmed through it because my nursing days are over (back to a small C cup, but no complaints). I had such trouble finding a good, supportive nursing bra that looked nice under clothes. I’m sure new moms will thank you for this post! (And did you get to keep all those bras for free, Dolly? Woo hoo!)

  2. can’t help but giggle at the concept of targeting bras for “working women”…because you know…when you’re outside the home you need different underwear than inside the home, right? lol. marketing folks are funny.

    great reviews though. i’ll store that in the mental file for next time!

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