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China . . . in Retrospect

Last year, before Calvin was born, we learned that we were no longer moving to China to work in a chiropractic clinic.  Steve had been urging me to pray about moving to China since we began graduate school in 2004.

We DID travel to China while in grad school . . . 2 trips for Steve, and 1 for me.  But, they were short term.  We would have moved to Chengdu about this time or earlier this year if we were still headed on that course.

As you may have already heard, a severe earthquake recently ravaged the city of Chengdu in the Sichuan province.  Presently the death toll is 60,000 and rising (that could have just been the occupants of one high rise . . . they pack so many people into buildings over there!).

I’m not saying we’d be among the injured or worse, the dead, but we would  definitely be living among the chaos.  And, it’s pretty certain that getting a brand new chiropractic clinic off and running in one of the cities largest hospitals wouldn’t happen in the wake of such a huge tragedy.

I don’t know why we prayed for so many years about moving to China . . . and particularly to serve in that region only to have the doors closed on us.  But, I do know God has great things in store for us even though we’re in the midst of a lot of unknowns and financially skinny times.

As far as Chengdu . . . we have friends there–people we’ve met and befriended plus their families.  They are living amidst ruin, destruction, and heartache.   America’s definitely had it’s share of pain and destruction due to natural disasters in the recent years, but the instantaneous loss of life in China due to the sheer population issue is so much more magnified than many of the things we’ve seen in the U.S.

I encourage you to pray for the earthquake victims as they seek to find relatives and piece their lives back together.  If you have the means, then send support for the relief effort.  There are a few listed below.

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