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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Death is Painful

While on the road to Virginia today, I received a call from my mom that her mom (my Amma) passed away yesterday.  I was overcome with sadness while trying to keep my eyes dry so I could navigate the interstate.

It wasn’t a big surprise since she was diagnosed with 3rd degree lung cancer about 6 weeks ago.  I’d been receiving health updates from my cousin’s husband who’s an M.D. in the hospital where she received treatment.

I wish we could have traveled to Taiwan so that she could meet Calvin, but that was not an opportunity we could pursue at the time.  My grandmother was able to meet her other American great-grandchild, Calvin’s cousin, Jonah.  I know that was very special for her.  And, my mom brought some great photos of us with Calvin for her to see.

My grandmother was a beautiful, educated, and petite asian woman.  My mom stands tall for a Taiwanese woman at 5’2″.  My grandmother was significantly shorter than my mom.  She had a masters degree in Japanese, and spoke it very well . . . in addition to Taiwanese.  I only saw her a few brief times in my lifetime, but each time, she was so kind and loving.  I adored her.  I miss her terribly.

3 Responses

  1. I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  2. So sorry, Dolly. Especially that she was so far away when it happened.

    Blessings as you settle into your new life in Virginia! It’s nice to plant some roots, meet neighbors, find playgroups and your favorite little coffee shops. As you search for a place to live, (after Steve finds a job, which I’m sure won’t be too hard once you guys get there) my advice is to find a spot in town where you can bike around a lot. Calvin will be big enough for a trailer in just a couple of months, and it is so fun and freeing to bike to the grocery store, the library, the park and not pay a cent for gasoline!!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m glad that you all arrived safely in VA! Hope all your unpacking goes smoothly!

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