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Sweet Slumber with Medela’s Sleep Bra

I recently reviewed two nursing bras by Medela for daily and professional wear.  I love Medela’s bras, and I really enjoyed testing their Sleep Bra (Model 677).  Until about a month ago, I’ve been wearing sleep bras almost exclusively.  Some are definitely more comfortable than others!

I first started wearing sleep bras after Calvin was born to keep warm gel packs in place since I needed to prepare my breasts for nursing before each feeding.  Once that painful stage passed, I kept wearing nursing bras at night for breast support, because milk boobs are heavy and those delicate Cooper’s ligaments that support breast tissue don’t just spring back to life–you’ve gotta take care of them!

So, a sleep bra needs to be able to hold nursing pads in place.  Cups should easily pull aside for nursing access.  And, it should provide support yet be so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing a bra.

Medela’s Sleep Bra achieves all those things that a nursing mom is looking for in a bra with a super comfy, combed-cotton sleep bra.  It features a 3/4″ wide elastic band that was actually a little snug on me in the recommended size based on my measurements.  I went with the next size up since I was actually between 2 sizes, and I LOVED it.  Sizes range from Small to Extra-Large.

The racerback offers great support.  The cups offer full coverage, and they easily draw to the side for nursing access.  There’s no scratchy tag to irritate you while you’re sleeping (YAY!).  The combed cotton is a major plus.  In comparison to other sleep bras I’ve tried, this one feels the best against my skin.  When you’re first nursing and your breasts/nipples are very tender and sore, they deserve as much royal treatment as they can get!

This fantastic sleep bra only comes in white (*yawn* BORING!).  But, if you’re only wearing it at home while your breasts are acting as workhorses for feeding your baby, it’s no big deal.  Although, I think it’d be fantastic if they offered different fabric color options (apple green, turquoise, polka dots) but then, of course, that would only drive up the cost.  This fully funtional bra gets-the-job-done and keeps your comfortable and happy.  Medela doesn’t sell these bras directly on their site, but through distributors.  Their Sleep Bra typically retails for $18-$20, and you can find it at JCPenney’s, Target, Amazon, or BabyCenter (to name a few retailers).

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