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Happy Father’s Day!

We were going to do a picnic or hang out at the park, but we may just relax here at our new apartment in Charlottesville. Calvin gave Steve an organic dark chocolate bar with bits of raspberries in it for Dad’s Day. Steve even shared some of it with me! Yay!

1. We had some firsts as a family today. We visited a church in Virginia for the first time . . . and we loved it. Trinity Presbyterian is a PCA church with reformed doctrine, blended worship in the truest sense, and they have several other ministries (outreach to UVa, international, men’s, women’s, children’s, etc.). We may visit their church plant to the north of the city simply because it’s a smaller, start-up church. But, we may have found the place where we want to plug in after just one week. What a blessing!

2. Today was the first time we left Calvin in the care of perfect strangers at the church nursery.

In PA, I never left him there; usually I was there nursing or changing him. We wanted to have him with us to get used to sitting through a service. Also, the nursery was small and he was the youngest of the kids. I saw one toddler get stepped on numerous occasions by the older toddlers. So, I couldn’t imagine letting Calvin just hang out crawling or lying around on the floor when he may have gotten tromped on, too.

The nurseries at Trinity are divided up into infant, crawlers/beginning walkers, and walkers to age 2. There was a GIANT room with lots of stuff for him to get into and interact with other little people. Of course, if we wanted to take him with us to the service, we could do that, too. There’s a room for nursing, and another room for parents with small children who need to move around: both with windows that open into the sanctuary. I saw plenty of parents with babies and small children sitting with them through the service.

We prefer to have Calvin with us during the service, but we wanted to give him a chance to be social, and a chance for us to really evaluate this church without being distracted by tending to him. It was actually a nice break.


So, we may have found a church home, and possibly future rentals since we’re only living in our current apt for about 6 more weeks. Trinity had a message board with rooms/apts/homes for rent. There were some fantastic prices that were far more economical than those of places represented by realtors or advertised online. . . some are apts in the basements of home owners who attend the church.

We’re confident that something will work out for us as far as a place to live for longer term AND Steve will get a job.

Charlottesville is such a fun town. There’s so many great things to do, so many businesses supporting one another within the community. The newness of our relocation hasn’t yet worn off. It still feels like we’re on vacation and just visiting temporarily. There’s so many restaurants to try, places to visit, activities . . . but I have to just tell myself, we don’t have to cram this all in all at once. We live here now. We have so much time to explore this new place.

You know you’re in a friendly town when the people at the grocery store are nice to you. That’s one place where other patrons or employees tend to be rushed or cranky. Standing in lines or dashing to get a shopping cart–things like that bring out the true colors of people. So, I’ve been continually amazed at how friendly and courteous people are time after time in place after place in this quaint town. It’s not that there’s so many neat things to do here, it’s that people love living here and are kind to one another . . . consistently . . . all throughout the community. What a great place to call home!


When we picked up Calvin from the nursery, a woman handed him to us and exclaimed what a good baby he was. He was so happy and content. Steve just beamed! He’s having a great Father’s Day. I hope you and your husbands and dads have a blessed day as well. I’d love to hear about how you and your family spent your Dad’s Day Weekend.


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