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Boon to Eat!

According to Wikipedia, Boon is an archaic English word meaning a prayer or a request, most commonly preserved in the phrase to grant a boon. Boon is also a common Chinese name derived from the Chinese Character ‘Wen’, meaning honest and kind.

Boon is definitely an answer to a parent’s prayer when it comes to feeding baby. Their fun and easy-to-use feeding line hits the mark for great design and safety for baby. All items are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.

Squirt – Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

The Squirt baby food dispensing spoon allows for convenient feeding, one bite at a time. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food and attaches firmly to the spoon end. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food. Squirt comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. By combining the spoon and food container into one product, Squirt makes one-handed feeding a snap.

This was so much fun to use. It reminded me of a baby’s version of a whipped cream dispenser. I could just picture a group of pre-teens at a slumber party having loads of fun with this.

I realized after the first use that I needed to blend up homemade baby food more smoothly or a lump could trap the tiny opening and cause further squirting to make quite a mess. Once I corrected the issue on my end with food preparation consistency, the squirt was very easy and clean to use. If you freeze homemade baby food, you can just plop in a few cubes, and once they’re thawed, shake it up and you’re ready to go. Voila! Fast food for baby. Food from a jar works just as well, if not better. And, squirt is a great place to store jarred food if you need a non-breakable container that works for feedings outside the home.

This product is great for parents on-the-go. Road trips, plane trips, picnics …anywhere you’ve gotta feed baby and you’re not at home, squirt’s got you covered, but not literally. (Retail value $7.99)

Fluid – No-spill Toddler Cup

This streamlined no-spill toddler cup has an ergonomic, two-handed grip that is perfect for small hands. The angled spout requires less head tipping, making it more comfortable to use.

Brilliant. Genius, actually. Finally, someone invented a cup for babies and toddlers that’s designed for the way THEY drink from cups–with both hands. The spout is lined with a foam-type material that keeps water in when turned upside-down but it doesn’t have a valve that requires a lot of suction pressure to dispense the liquid–a great way to avoid ear infections. There are no valves or straws to clean–yet another plus. The angled spout is another ingenuity. Instead of making baby crank his head back 90 degrees to get the contents of the cup, make the cup spout angled instead.

his is actually the first sippy cup Calvin’s been able to drink from. The others end up as chew toys or the valves require so much pressure he can’t get the liquid out of them. Boon’s Fluid WORKS. I can actually see the bubbles from the water he’s able to drink. My husband loves this product so much, he wishes there was one available in a size suitable for adults. (Retail value $5.99)

Benders – Adaptable Utensils

When first-time eaters start using utensils, their motor skills are not fully developed. Benders adaptable utensils were designed to help make the transition to regular utensils a little easier. Parents can position the adjustable end to the perfect angle to accommodate the child’s grip. As motor skills develop, adjust little by little, until straightened.

Not only are benders great for babies learning to feed themselves, it’s also helpful for adults feeding babies. We have several varieties of baby spoons for Calvin, but we find ourselves continuously re-using the Boon Bender at every meal because it’s comfortable to hold and I can easily transition from helping Calvin eat to allowing him to handle the utensil himself for a few spoonfuls.

Note to Boon designers, the spoon is a little too deep for a baby’s mouth. The shape of the squirt spoon is better suited for a baby. The benders are more suitable for older babies (9 months+) to toddlers. I often have to tip or bend the spoon up to help Calvin get all the contents. The beautiful white plastic does stain over time. I’ve tried scrubbing, boiling, and dishwashing but there’s still a mild yellow stain at the joint of the spoon and the handle from all the sweet potatoes that have been mixed up with the spoon. (Retail value $5.99)

Snack Ball – Snack Container

Kids and parents will love this fun, sphere-shaped snack container. The rigid form protects snacks from crushing, making the Snack Ball great for travel. Two halves unscrew for easy cleaning and the lid snaps in place to keep snacks inside.

Calvin isn’t yet at the stage where he eats non slurpy items. Once he’s at that stage, he’ll have fun with the snack ball not only at snack time but also playing catch with us. Snacks and playtime all rolled into a single ball of fun. I may snag it to stash my almond and raisin mix to snack on the run. (Retail value $6.49)

ModWare – Toddler Utensils

ModWare is perfect for toddlers who are ready to graduate from Benders, but who are not quite ready for adult tableware. The ergonomic design has no sharp edges and the handles are designed with a soft, comfortable grip.

This fun fork and spoon set looks good and feels good to grasp. They’re slightly deeper than the Benders set and just as great for little hands. Plus, they come in a zippy orange design. (Retail value $4.99)

Groovy – Interlocking Plate and Bowl Set
Engaging kids at mealtime can be a challenge. What better way to keep their interest than to give them their own special plate? Groovy offers a fun way to serve meals in a customizable configuration. This interlocking plate and bowl set includes a toddler-sized plate with two separate compartments plus two small bowls that attach to the edge of the plate in a variety of positions. The small bowls are perfect for dipping—always an engaging activity at mealtime—or for serving small portions.

What a fun plate with a rubbery bottom to keep the plate from becoming a hockey puck at dinner time. The dipper cups have a notch on the bottom which attaches them to the plates in any configuration you or your little one desires. The four separate compartments prevent food from becoming a self-made casserole when those fine-motor skills are still developing. Dishwasher-safe materials make for easy clean-up. Scratch-resistant materials ensure lasting quality. (Retail value $12.99)

**WIN IT**

One winner will receive an entire Boon Feeding Line: Groovy, Squirt, Mod Ware, Catch Bowl, Snack Ball, Benders, and Fluid to meet your baby’s needs from when he first begins solids to toddlerhood. (Retail value $45.44)

To enter, leave a thoughtful comment here about something pertaining to this post. The contest for Boon Feeding Line ends at 11:59 PM (EST) on Sunday, June 29th. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 30th.

Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be deleted. The winner and 2 alternates will be selected on Random.org and announced on this post and on Prizey. If you provide your e-mail address, I will contact you. The winner has 72 hours to claim the prize, otherwise, the prize goes to the first alternate to contact me with a shipping address.


Congratulations to the winner!  Suzanne B. (Crunchy Green Mom)

137 Responses

  1. The squirt feeder looks so useful. My little ones were always grabbing for the dish the food was in…and that removes that whole temptation. The bendable forks look great too…I remember that stage when they were learning to do that. (My littlest is not eating solids yet…but these would be cool for him when he does start.)

  2. My triplets are about to start solids so this would be great!

  3. I love the Squirt spoon. Boon makes some of the best products! We own their potty bench and the Flo bathtub thing that makes the water like a waterfall in the tub. I love thier stuff!

  4. It would sure be a “boon” to receive this feeding set! I’m still trying to figure out how to get my son to eat off a plate or bowl with silverware rather than his hands and having the plate end up on the floor!

  5. I really like what Boon has done to help the young ones with eating. I didn’t have anything like this when my children were babies/toddlers but it will be great for my grandkids! Each item just makes so much sense: the extended bowl to catch drips; the clip together type bowls to keep the meal together but different items separated, etc….you can tell a mom desiged these!

  6. I agree the spoon is a bit deep for a baby, but I love that it is wider than other spoons that we have used like Take n’ Toss (which we reuse and don’t toss!) . I also like that Boon products are BPA free.

  7. wow,I wish I had that last week,I was trying to feed my 5 month old grandson an couldnt get in it fast enought for him,that spoon that had the food in the handle would have been perfect,he got mad everytime I had to put the spoon in the baby food jar,count me in please!

  8. I’d really love to try thr Fluid cup. I’ve been wanting to find a sippy that doesn’t need a valve. I hate cleaning those things…..it never feels like I can fully wash them properly!

  9. I keep seeing Boon’s products…they’re so innovative.

  10. Wow. Where were these products when my baby was born? I am so jealous of all these new and exciting products. My friend is having a baby in July and these would be an awesome gift!

  11. My daughter has twins, she could really get a lot of use out of this set .I like the despensing spoon. Babies are so messy when they eat. Thanks Great Giveaway.

  12. I love the interlocking plate and bowl set, it’s a very cool idea. My son tends to always turn his plates upside down when he’s done eating, I guess he’ll have twice as fun with those.

  13. What great products. I’ve just started my third child on solid food and wish I had things like ‘squirt’ several years ago – especially with the twins. I think I would have had less mess … and I do mean mess. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful products.

  14. I love the Snack Ball. Boon has some awesome products.

  15. the groovy interlocking plate and bowl set would be a big hit. having the rubber bottom to keep from sliding and to be able to change the bowls around would be fun for the kids. what great products they have.

  16. This is an awesome product line for toddlers – someone should of thought of these sooner!

  17. I love the colors and think Boon makes the best products for kids!

  18. The internet is great. I would’ve never heard of this company if it hadn’t been for all the blog posts talking about it.

  19. I really like this travel set. I like that they are BPA-free and are just the right size for little hands.
    Thanks for the contest.

  20. Brea is having a really difficult time getting the hang of the sippy cup I think that “fluid” may be the answer. I would love to be able to use all of these products. The squirt seems like it would be great for outings which are definitely increasing for the summer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. I love how stylish and baby friendly these items are and am impressed that Boon donates 10% of its profits to charity.

  22. Kids love to have fun when they eat and all the Boon products fit the bill! I love the squirt spoon,this will make life so much easier. count me in to win

  23. All of this is SO innovative. I have been “eyeing” the Boon stuff for a while and am particulartly interested in that sippy cup since we aren’t having much luck with the current ones we are using. And the untensils look wonderful too. Thanks so much for the chance!

  24. I’ve read about this company in different magazines. I like how they take their time introducing new products. Their feeding line looks both functional and lovely. And the squirt spoon seems like an absolute win!

  25. What inventive products!!! I love the baby food self filling spoon!!! How convenient is that? And the snack ball is awesome too! My little guy would love to learn to eat with these products!!! And they would make my life cleaner and easier!!

  26. What a wonderful idea! It is great that someone has taken the time to think about the best and easiest way to feed baby. These products look like they reduce the mess and the hassle and they are very good looking as well.

  27. When I was small I had a ceramic dish, which could be filled with hot water and sealed and stuck to the highchair with a large rubber suction cup. It kept food warm and could not be tossed across the room. This was in 1927….trying to get food in babies instead of on them or on the floor has been a challenge for generations.

  28. Very unique ideas here…would make a wonderful baby gift! I love that everything is made of safe materials…that is at the top of my priority list these days.

  29. I’m so in love with all of the Boon products. I’ve been seeing them all over the internet! The baby food dispensing spoon is so cool, and my son would love the toddler cup.

  30. Boon has the greatest products, we do travel a lot so these would come in very handy, especially the sippy cup and the snack ball.

    Thanks so much!

  31. wow those are such great products and the little one would love it 🙂

  32. We have the Squirt spoon and love it! I’ve been dying to try the other products! And the Animal Bags are GENIUS!!
    dansan826 at yahoo.com

  33. I have never seen products like this before! My sister is going to be having a baby and this would be a great gift! Would have to keep the snack ball for my own daughter though!

  34. I’ve seen the Boon products in Babies ‘R Us and am overall quite impressed with them. I love design that is appealing and yet, most importantly, functional. I’ve been really interested in trying the Benders because I think it would help my son feed himself just a little bit better! Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. I really like the fact that the spoon holds 3 ounces of food

  36. Wow, all that stuff looks like it works way better than your average baby tools! I would love to have it!

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