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Wind at My Back and Sun on My Face

Things are going VERY well now that we’re here in Charlottesville, the land of Wahoos, green living, sustainable farms, great family fun, and beautiful weather.

Today, we ventured to the City’s farmer’s market to check out the fare.  Well, it’s definitely not like the farmer’s markets in Florida where prices were a bargain and the produce was better compared to your main grocery chains.  This farmer’s market was hopping with tons of booths and patrons.  I think everyone there had their own reusable Whole Foods market grocery bags or wicker baskets to take their finds home in reusable style.  There were several varieties of lemonade and mint tea, herbs and flowers, jams and jellies, homemade donuts, jewelry, crafts, paintings, and free range beef and poultry.  I’d call this an upper-end yuppy type of farmer’s market where it’s cool to be seen there, and cool to buy things that are healthy/good/natural/local and definitely more expensive than the average chain grocer.

Actually, we can’t wait to return next week to buy donate to a farmer for some free chevre (raw goat’s milk cheese).  I also want to get my hands on some rosemary, German thyme, tomato, and mint plants for a great summer garden.  Oh yes, we can garden soon.  We’ll be renting a basement apartment 5 weeks from now, and there’s a backyard for us to toil in for some wonderful garden produce!

While at the Farmer’s Market, Steve was interested in a booth with grassfed beef from a sustainable farm.  In short, Steve got 2 jobs today.  He’s going to tryout for an arborist position where he’ll actually use harnesses and ropes to climb trees for pruning, brush clearing, etc.  Then, on Saturdays, he’s going to work as a farm hand at a sustainable farm with grass-fed cattle.  He’s totally leaping head first into the Charlottesville way of life!

Meanwhile, my checklist of items that I need to accomplish in order to start-up a new practice is getting marked off slowly, but surely.  Now that Steve has a job, Calvin will be with me all day long, regardless of whether or not I have business appointments.  Hey, it’s who I am . . . Calvin’s mom.  He’ll be with me at the practice and as I’m getting it started.  Family practice.  It brings a whole new meaning to the term.

place to live – check

job(s) for Steve that enable us to meet our budget needs – check/check

ability to grow food in a garden – check

vehicles in working condition – check

my chiropractic practice getting launched – check in progress, but it IS progress!

Calvin spends time with both of us everyday – check

We’re thankful for prayers of the saints on our behalf and for the abundent blessings of our heavenly Father.

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  1. Sounds like heaven to me. I am so ready to move ANYWHERE but here!

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