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Freecycle–Smart and Green Community Concept

When I was in college, I lived in the dorms for my entire undergraduate experience.  When in the throws of moving out of the dorm for summer break, there was always extra junk that someone didn’t want or need, and so the community take it or leave it pile was a free for all grab bag.  I know I discarded things I didn’t use and thought others could: things such as dishes, highlighters, or cleaning products.  I remember specifically picking up a really cool American dictionary (one of the engineering majors discarded that great find!)

This type of community help pile took a different form when I lived in government subsidized housing in Florida.  When it was time for us to move, we discarded things that didn’t work: such as a microwave and a broken coffee table that had barely survived 3 military relocations.  Within minutes, I kid you not, someone from the apartment complex raided the dumpster area and those items were gone faster than you could blink.  Cool.  Glad someone got some good use out of them or felt it was worth their time to fix something.

So, while you can always peruse yardsales, hunt for finds at thrift shops, and even pay a premium for someone else’s junk on eBay, there’s an even cooler concept that’s over 5 million members strong: Freecycle.

This Yahoo! Groups based forum is available in about 4500 groups nationally.  Sign up and participate.  No sales transactions, no spam or you’re out.  But, if you play nicely, you can rid yourself of clutter and help out someone locally.  Or, you can gain a cool treasure for free.

We recently picked up a Burley Delite kids bike trailer which fits 1-2 kids.  It’s perfect for towing Calvin around CVille for a leisurely family ride or for me getting to and from work without dealing with gasoline consumption and downtown parking.

Once we haul the rest of our collective treasures/stuff/junk from Pennsylvania down to our more permanent living quarters, I’ll be glad to find new owners for some of the things that we just don’t need anymore.

Sometime people give away things because they’re moving and would otherwise leave items at the dump (save a landfill and find a new owner!).  Or, sometimes items are in disrepair and need a little TLC.  There’s often willing and able folks ready to inherit a particularly needed item.

One Response

  1. You got a Burley trailer on Freecycle???? WOW!! Those get snatched up for at least $100 on craigslist in Portland. What a deal you got. Calvin will love his new ride!

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