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Sleep Update (Almost) 8 Months

5 Days of sleeping 8 to 9.5 hour stretches at night.  Bliss!  Love it!  We’re all happy here.

We seriously needed our own place to make this happen.  Previously living with another family meant unexpected company, unexpected loud noises during nap time (like the garage door opening and closing directly beneath the bedroom), sometimes it was too hot (no bedroom A/C).  There were just so many things beyond our control that made it hard to make sleepy time work consistently.  But now, in our own place . . . Calvin’s sleep times and wake times are fantastic.

I also suspect it helps that Steve has a job and he’s out of the home during the day.  It makes it so much easier for one person to set the routine for baby consistently everyday. . . instead of each of us dealing with crying and naptime differently.  When Steve is home in the evenings, Calvin just lives it up enjoying time with his beloved Daddy.  It’s precious to watch the two of them together.

Anyway, I’m glad the 11pm and 2pm crying/awake times seem to be gone.  Hopefully that 3:30AM to 5AM wake time will quickly shift to 6 or 7AM.  That would be the icing on the figurative cake.


One Response

  1. I’m so glad the sleeping is going better. I’m sure being in your own place helps a ton!

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