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Calvin – 8 months

Something amazing happened this past Sunday, Calvin turned 8 months old!  I told Steve it was a milestone and we needed to sing to him.  In true Steve-like fashion, he exclaimed, “I’m not going to sing Happy Birthday to him!”.  Thanks for playing.  Anyway, I usually sing “Good Morning to You!” to Calvin to the tune of “Happy Birthday”.  So, it’s familiar.  He loves it.  Smiles, tries to sing along, all that good stuff.

Look at his face!  That’s no baby face.  That’s a little boy face.  With plenty of chubber cheeks for me to kiss.  Milestones just before he hit 8 months: he’s crawling on his hands and knees like crazy.  He’s climbing whenever he gets a chance and trying to stand himself up.  Childproofing just took on a whole different level of safety standards.  Whew!

As of 2 weeks ago, he had 7 teeth, 5 of which came in all at once: SEVEN!  THAT’s why sleeping was such a problem for poor baby boy with painful gums.

His hair is finally growing longer and not falling out, except for that little bald spot on the back of his head where he sleeps.

Whenever we drink from a glass, he wants to drink from that glass, too.  I really don’t think he’s thirsty, because he never drinks THAT much from his sippy cup.  He just wants to be like Mommy & Daddy.  We DID let him try organic, tangy, lemonade at the farmer’s market.  Boy, did he love that.  And unsweetened yogurt.  First few tries he made a sourpuss face as in, “WHAT did you just put in my mouth!”.  Then, he liked it…loved it…craved it.

Calvin digs bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, apples, pears, squash, beefy stew, yogurt, and now lemon juicey ade.  Small palette, but we’re slowly expanding it as different things become available in season.  We tried goat cheese.  He didn’t really know what to do with that.

So, on Sunday, Calvin’s 8 Month birthday, we toured the gardens at the University of Virginia.  He loves going outdoors and looking at leaves swaying in the breeze, flowers, and birds.

We also took some photos of the Rotunda.  No better time to tour the UVa Grounds than on Sunday.  No classes in session–just quiet, peaceful sidewalks, beautiful architecture, and an unforgiving sun.

We also found some beautiful and fragrant magnolias.  I LOVE the south, and I love magnolias.

2 Responses

  1. mm…those cheeks look nice & chewy (my kids don’t even flinch when i come in for some chewin’ since they’ve been subjected to it since birth). My 3yo son’s cheeks are starting to lose some chewyness….this is making me sad! 🙂

  2. he’s following in true Garnecki style, Isaiah got 6 teeth at once!

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