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Newsflash: Calvin Mobility Update

Wow.  He only began crawling on his knees a few weeks ago.  Then, he only began kneeling a few days ago.  Today, all in ONE day, he pulled himself up to standing by holding on to the coffee table.  THEN, he alternated steps in place and sort of waddled around the side of the coffee table.  Woah.  Isn’t he supposed to crawl a little longer? *sniff* My boy’s growing up too fast.

not only is he waiting until he’s on his potty to pass his poop, but now he’s telling me when he needs to pee.  sure, he still goes in the diaper, but he definitely lets me know and takes advantage of potty time to keep his diaper dry.

Tonight, we got to preview a yardsale.  A nice family, who is relocating to Asia, had a humongous amount of kid/baby stuff availble, and they allowed local members of a parenting network to set up times this week to pre-purchase items.

I think I blew the next 4 months worth of baby budget and we took home a trunkful of things . . . nice things.  Clothes in excellent condition selling for $1 per item (this would cost much more at a second-hand clothing store).  Finally, we got a high chair . . . the Fisher-Price chair that straps on to a dining chair.  She had an extra seat cushion and feeding tray.  DOUBLE for easy clean-up.  And, we got an extra car seat since we have 2 vehicles and Steve is usually at work with the one with the car seat, which is why my only option to get around town is my feet and the stroller.  Now, we have a back-up for our pick-up.  Should work until Calvin’s 60 pounds.  AND, we found some cool wooden toys (puzzles, train/block set) that retail for $40 new…she just threw those into the lot for us with all the other stuff we purchased.  I LOVE finding great yardsales like that.  Where there’s a huge selection and the quality is good.  Makes me feel like we’re really stretching our dollars and taking care of Calvin who was quickly outgrowing his clothes.

Now, he can cruise around in style.


One Response

  1. I guess I don’t need to look for any clothes for Calvin then? lol Glad you got such a great bargain! Love those yardsales!

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