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Green Apparel for the Breastfeeding Mama

I was recently shopping at my local health foods store when I came across the most adorable organic baby body suit and cap set by Maggie’s Organics.  Turns out that this creative apparel line won the 2006 Natural Products Expo East award for “Best New Green Product”.  I discovered the Maggie’s Organics website, and learned that they don’t just make cool baby stuff, but they make socks, scarves, and cute tops for nursing moms.  Score!

Maggie’s has a cool site and a great mission: to produce and provide comfortable, durable, affordable, and beautiful articles of apparel and accessories made from materials that restore, sustain, and enhance the resources, including human, from which they are made.

Maggie’s Organics began with socks–this company was launched fter learning about the harsh facts of conventional cotton cultivation and garment manufacturing back in 1992.  Then, they added tee-shirts, tights, lounge pants, and other garments produced from organic fibers.  They’ve been selling organic fibers for 16 years, and they’ve long been featured at natural products’ stores nationwide, most notably at Whole Foods.

Maggie’s Organics generously offered to let me sample and review their 3/4- length sleeve criss-cross blouse.  I’d been totally disenchanted with other nursing tops that either looked frumpy or were too short, too low cut.  I was thrilled to try a garment that was form fitting with just enough ease to be comfortable (ahhh . . . cotton).  The versatility of the neckline gave me the option for how modest or revealing I wanted it to be.  I love options.  Plus, the blouse is cut so that extra fabric scoops in the front and behind to prevent unsightly belly button flashing when you’re moving around (sitting down, standing up, etc.).  I love the 3/4 length sleeve.  Not long enough to get in the way when taking care of a baby, yet long enough to keep you warm when sitting underneath air conditioning vents on full arctic blast.  I’d love to get one of these in other color options: terracotta, green apple, plum, and, teal.  They actually have a sleeveless style criss-cross top, too.

The criss-cross top does allow for easy access for nursing, and because the criss-cross stops just below the bust, you can keep your belly warm while nursing, too.  That’s my favorite feature with nursing tops . . . and now, I’ve finally found one that I don’t mind wearing long after I stop nursing Calvin.  It looks great with dress slacks for working in a professional office.  Plus, it’s an economical choice at a mere $22.

I think the only area of improvement would be to offer this great top in more color options: white, kelly green, and candy apple red would be my choices.

Green Goodness

Check out Maggie’s Outlet where discounted prices are offered daily.  Maggie’s is also featuring new products every day.  They’re currently rolling out all new leg warmers and scarves for the fall.  And, they’re recycling their irregular socks into a cute sock monkey toy.  Now, how about that for a green company!

Besides making great organic clothing options from sustainable resources, Maggie’s strives to convert as many acres of land as possible from conventional to organic farming methods.  Also, they’re passionate about creating an alternative to the poor working conditions and pay in the apparel industry.  Maggie’s Organics was instrumental in creating the Fair Trade Zone, a 100% worker-owned Sewing Co-Operative in Nueva Vida, Nicaragua–it’s the first worker-owned cooperative in the world to gain Free Trade Zone status! You can check out their 13-minute video on the development of the sewing co-operative on Maggie’s site.

Especially for You

Save 20% on orders of $30 or more at Maggie’s Organics with coupon code  TRAVEBABY08 (expires August 28, 2008).  That’s BIG SAVINGS on green and pretty organic cotton apparel.  

2 Responses

  1. That is a cute top – and you make such a great model for it! 🙂

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