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Another Saturday in CVille

We spent the morning doing our regular weekly run to the CVille City Farmer’s Market.  This time, we met up with friends from church who happen to know EVERYONE in town.

I also found a running partner.  Yippee!  She sells soaps made from olive oil and essentials oils, and she has twin baby boys.  I told her my current running speed is more like running 200 yds and then walking and panting and then repeating.  Because, that is all this girl can do when there is hilly terrain and I haven’t been running since before I was pregnant.  Anyway, she is cool with that, so, we made plans for going running.  Sweet!

I enjoy workouts so much more when I have someone to suffer through them with me.  And, at this point, it’s suffering . . . it’s not pleasurable nor fun.  Fun is playing peek-a-boo with Calvin.  Not fun is pushing 20 pounds of baby uphill when it’s 95 degrees outside because THAT is the best time of day to take him on a walk with the whole nursing-solids-napping schedule.  Anyway, once I can go further, longer, and easier . . . THEN, it’ll be fun.  But, it’ll be fun having company while striving to get to that point.

OK, so back to my Saturday morning.  We got our weekly stock of grassfed beef from Wolf Creek Farm and co-owner Mihye generously gave us yummy Korean-style empanadas.  I can’t WAIT to get some live Korean cooking lessons from her.

Then, we strolled around the market with our friends and loaded down the stroller with eggplant, free range eggs, potatoes, and plums.  Calvin was looking cute as ever and getting lots of flirty looks from women of all ages. especially from those who were grandmas.

Then, we went to Revolutionary Soup for breakfast.  I, of course, had lunch soup for breakfast.  Because, that’s how I roll.  For breakfast, I tend to eat anything and everything except for typical breakfast foods.  So, I ordered up lamb curry soup and savored every drop of it’s spicy goodness–so many levels of savory complexity.  YUM!  Ok, when friends come to visit and want a good lunch place, I’m so taking them there!


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