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Stylish, Safe, and Sanitary Shopping


Catherine copeland, on July 12th, 2008 at 5:58 pm Said: “I really love the baby turtle design. so very cute. what a great product.”


Now that Calvin’s a little too heavy to carry in a sling while I’m at a grocery store, I like having the option to let him ride in the shopping cart.  However, he also wants to chew the handle that’s been touched by who knows how many people’s germ-laden hands. Meanwhile, he still wiggles and bounces, and he could give himself a good bonk in the noggin if he wasn’t properly secured to the cart.

Melissa at Krafty Kreations by Melissa offered to let me sample an in-stock/pre-made KozyPal Shopping Cart Cover.  There were so many fantastic fabric options, but I opted for the one pictured, called Juicy Jungle. I was so excited to receive this handmade item in the mail, and I immediately showed it to my sister-in-law, Vicky, who is a fantastic seamstress.  Vicky remarked at how well it was constructed and that the size was large enough to fit the monster-sized carts at wholesale food clubs.

Since I’m a traveling mom, we sometimes dine at restaurants with Calvin while on the road.  I’m not too fond of those standard high chairs because they’re usually covered with food grime or baby drool from the previous occupant.  The great thing about the KozyPal shopping cart cover is that it also doubles as a high chair cover.  Talk about hitting two birds with one all-encompassing stone!

Now, Calvin can have a little padding under his bottom and behind his back when sitting in a shopping cart or restaurant high chair.  If he does have the inkling to chew, at least it’ll be on his own toys which attach easily to the loops . . . and I don’t have to worry about the germ-infested handles or sides.  I’m all about letting him build up his immune system naturally, but our apartment floor and shopping cart handles are two different things entirely!

The KozyPal is big enough to fit large carts, and yet, it rolls up neatly to the size of a small duffle for storage.  We keep ours in our vehicle so it’s always there when I’m out and about with Calvin.  For the more adventurous shoppers who have a specific fabric in mind that isn’t an option on the Kozypal website, never fear.  You can mail in your chosen fabric or have an online fabric retailer send your fabric directly to Kozypal for a custom order.

KozyPal Cart Cover Features

*Quality hand-made shopping cart covers sewn in a smoke free and pet free home.
*Universal fit for all grocery store shopping carts, wholesale club carts, park swings, public strollers in malls and zoos, and restaurant high chairs or booster seats.
*Leg holes are reinforced with matching bias tape for a clean, sharp, finished look.
*Premium extra-loft one-inch thick batting that is washable, non-allergenic, and flame retardant
*Two toy loops, so you can easily attach toys, pacifiers, or any item that your baby might throw onto the dirty store floor
*A matching, detachable 3-foot nylon safety belt with reinforced button holes. Why use the stores nasty safety belt? It’s just as dirty as the shopping cart itself.
*A handy mommy bag with a Velcro closure positioned at the handle bar so mom can easily carry her keys, checkbook, cell phone, etc. Easy access for mom.
**KozyPal shopping cart covers are created with adjustable elastic to easily expand to fit any shopping cart and even wholesale stores extra wide carts. Simplicity was in mind when creating the KozyPal, so with this type of design, your KozyPal shopping cart cover can be quickly installed ONE HANDED!

Not only is it made for one baby, but you can find designs made for 2 babies.  Krafty Kreations by Melissa features a wide variety of print options for a single kozypal and double kozypal: retro rocketship prints, paisleys, stripes, flowers, and animals.  Additionally, you can select some great options in your personalized kozypal: leg flaps, cup/bottle holder,  detachable 8×8 pillow, 14″x9″ diaper pocket.  Designs for pre-made singles range from $45 (sale items) to $72.95 (reversible items); pre-made doubles start at $70 and range up to $89.95.

Check out some of these gorgeous designs among 250 designer fabrics:

Traveling with Baby readers have access to a rad coupon on Kozypal: 10% off all regularly-priced cart covers with code TWB10 (Expires 9/1/08) which means big savings on a fantastic product.

**WIN IT**

One reader will win a $50 gift certificate toward KozyPal Shopping Cart Covers.  To enter, visit Kozypal’s website and check out all the cool fabric designs.  Then, comment on this post on which design you’d spend your $50 (other than a design mentioned on this post).  The contest for the gift certificate ends at 11:59 PM (EST) on Thursday, July 17th. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 18th.

Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be deleted. The winner and 2 alternates will be selected on Random.org and announced on this post and on Prizey. If you provide your e-mail address, I will contact you. The winner has 72 hours to claim the prize, otherwise, the prize goes to the first alternate to contact me with a shipping address.

195 Responses

  1. I like Hula Dancin’. Thanks!

  2. I like the rainbow swirls!


  3. SweetTooth Cloud is my favorite!!


  4. I like the 2D Zoo Blue.

  5. Love the ironworks in cappuccino! It is awesome!

  6. I would choose cowkids or space dreams.

  7. I love space dreams. I’ve got one one of these for my mom, now I need one for my sister-in-law.

  8. Love the Baby Turtles!

  9. Fuchsia Squares was my favorite. It was hard to pick.

  10. would love to win this great prize!!!!!! juicy jungle is my favorite!!!

  11. I love the Wild Jungle Animals pattern.
    Thanks so much!

  12. oooh there’s so many great patterns to choose from, it’s hard to decide! I think I’d pick out the Sweet Tooth Cloud one 🙂

  13. This product is great for germ-phobes like me! I love all of the prints. This is a great baby gift or first birthday gift! I am definitely giving these as gifts!

  14. They are all so sweet but I think I like the Sweet Tooth Cloud!

  15. I’ve seen these among other parents (and children) at the grocery store and thought it would be great to have one as well. It’s great to know where to get them now. I must say, I absolutely love the designs and right off the bat fell in love with the retro rocket rascals. I’m going back to see the rest. Thanks for showing me this site, you’ve made my day!

  16. I like the Zoo Blue fabric the best. What a great idea!! No more sore chubby legs in the shopping cart. Thanks for this product.

  17. Cowkids Rodeo neat idea ! 🙂

  18. the retro rocket rascals are sooooooooooo adorable 🙂

  19. I like the Cowkids Rodeo fabric! I want to win! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  20. i have always wanted one of these

  21. I love the baby turttles! Soooo cute!

  22. I love the baby turtles, that one is so cute!!!

  23. i would definately get the double in Mocca in Black! Super cute fabric!

  24. I LOVE the baby turtles!

  25. Baby Turtles is super cute!

  26. I like the Ironworks Straw. Not only is it on an in-stock item (yay) but it’s a very classy looking print.

  27. Zoo Blue is very cute!

  28. Wild Jungle Animals

  29. The Baby turtles is adorable !! Like the Wild Jungle Animals too.

  30. I like the icecream or the rocket ones. So cute.

  31. the sweet tooth cloud

  32. Fuchsia Squares. That way, if she drops anything thing on it, it won’t show as much!

  33. think i would go with Hula Dancin!

  34. I love Watermelon Gabriella!

  35. Ironworks Straw is the best for my little one. The bold design will surely intrigue for hours!

  36. Love the chocolate craker animals…thinking about a gift for my girlfriend.

  37. I really like 2D Zoo Blue…

  38. I would love to get the 171 Ironworks Espresso accented in Chocolate/White Dots….It is so sophisticated and gender neutral!

    sent from: fav.or.it [FID675824]

  39. I like the Feeling Groovy Spa with Dots.


  41. Pink Pixie Garden

  42. I love the disco dots, but since we have to pick a different, my second favorite is the baby turtles!


  43. Wanted to say that I’ve been waiting all day to find out the winner….found a good coupon code PARTY227 which gets you 15% off….

    sent from: fav.or.it [FID695668]

  44. I love this site it good site for me Thank you!

  45. Thank you for this post.

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