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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Recovering the Household

I haven’t been on the blogging ball lately.  Calvin had the croup, so everything just kinda went to the back burner: laundry, blogging, returning phone calls.  But, now that my little man is almost back to his happy self, all is good in the household and this blogging mama is back to the keyboard.  I’m excited about tomorrow’s Tuesday Travels post on central Florida, my home for the 3+ years I was in chiropractic college.

I was a little worried that going from nursing 3+ times per night while Calvin was ill would be tough for him to go BACK to his routine of nursing only once at night, but Steve was a blessed help last night.  I was determined, and after Calvin woke up twice with crying fits lasting at least 45 minutes, and at 2 AM, Steve could no longer appease him (glow in the dark turtle, pacifier…nothing worked), I finally relented . . . and nursed him.  And, BOY, was he hungry.  Then, he slept until 6:30AM at which time we ALL woke up and got our day started.

I felt like I was in the military again.  By 8 AM, I had done dishes, laundry, fed myself and the boy, and read him 2 stories.  Quite a day’s work by a decent hour.  It was wonderful to get caught up again.

More blogging action back at’cha.  More posts on parenting a cute baby boy who’s getting a full grill of teeth and cruising around before he’s even 9 months old (heaven help me!), more reviews on cool stuff that make my parenting life easier, and more freebies for y’all.  Sweet.

So, thanks for your patience.  Thanks for being loyal.  And, get ready for s’more great Traveling with Baby good times.

One Response

  1. Awwww, man, that makes me want to go to Disney!! Actually, Holly and I will be heading to Sea World San Antonio on Thursday with my 80year old Grandma! I know it is a royal waste of money when Holly won’t make it past 2p.m., but hey, we all spoil our kids (and ourselves) sometimes…

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