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Weekend Update

I love weekends, and I believe my entire family does, too.  Steve is home Saturday mornings and all day Sunday, so Calvin revels in the opportunity to spend time with his Daddy.  Steve adores spending time with us, too.

Breakfast on the Go

Our favorite Saturday morning activity is to walk to the City Farmer’s Market for our weekly produce, grassfed beef, and free range eggs.  Usually, we pick up a treat.  This week, we tried Croatian bread which is handmade phyllo dough pastry with ground beef and potatoes baked inside.  Tasty breakfast!  Sometimes, Steve snags a piping fresh donut, or we share a Bolivian empanada with chicken and delicious herbs.  I’ve also been known to try fresh mint tea (now, I brew my own at home) or organic lemonade.

We always hangout at the Wolfcreek Farms booth where Steve picks up some beef for the week, and Mihaye usually has a tasty Korean treat for us.  She’s teaching me how to prepare Korean food, and I LOVE her cooking.  This week, she brought me a package of dried seaweed to serve with rice and a Korean brisket marinade recipe.  Can’t wait to get Calvin hooked on seaweed–it was my favorite snack as a young girl.  I ate that instead of potato chips.

Later Saturday morning, I checked out a couple of yard sales for some potential items for Calvin.  They were all busts–hardly anything that he could fit and hardly any goods for sale.

Grocery Bag Marathon

I spent the rest of Saturday hanging out with Calvin and running errands.  It’s definitely difficult to have him and arms loaded with grocercies trying to get in and out of our apartment.  Every door in this place requires an electronic key that tends to be a bit finicky.  Plus, if I park in the parking permit-only parking garage, I’ll get towed unless I have my hazard lights on and am in the process of loading or unloading.

So, I had to keep putting him in and out of the car seat to run simple errands of picking up a couple of groceries, unloading the bags, and finding a parking space big enough for the pick-up on the side street.  All in all, running those errands took me 2.5 hours.  No kidding.  It’s rediculous.

In a way, I’m looking forward to moving to our new apartment.  Parking will be a cinch, and unloading groceries won’t be quite as cumbersome since I won’t have to walk half a block with bags and a baby in my arms.

Sore Toes and Nursery Woes

On Sunday, we put Calvin in the church nursery during the worship service.  We’ve opted to leave him in there every other week, so he gets some social time, and we I get a break.  It’s only every other week, because we’d like him to get used to sitting through church.  It’s a process–I know!  Anyway, Calvin’s usually completely content in the nursery.  The workers usually remark at what a happy baby he is and they enjoy having him in there since he never fusses.  Well, Sunday was the day that I got paged to head directly to the nursery.  I could hear Calvin wailing down the long hallway before I even got there.  Uh oh!

A woman was holding him, and he was inconsolable.  Crying to the point of hyperventilation, and they didn’t know what was wrong.  I held him, and he instantly quit crying, although he still did that post-hyperventilation crying quick breathing thing.  He knew, “Mama’s here.  She’ll make it better!”

I gave him his pacifier, snuggled with him in the rocking chair, and I tried to figure out what was bothering him so badly.  Turns out, it was my fault.  Of course!  I had quite a time putting his shoes on in the morning because he kept trying to crawl away.  When, I looked down at his feet while he sat on my lap in the rocking chair, I saw that his left shoe wasn’t velcroed on properly.  As I unwrapped the velcro to reattach it, I saw that his pinky toe was not inside his shoe, but it had gotten caught between one layer of the leather.  The poor little boy was in pain and discomfort which had caused the crying fit.  After I fixed his shoe and gave him a sip of water, he was already crawling off to explore other babies and other toys in the nursery.

Well, he must’ve been okay because I wasn’t paged again for the rest of the service.  When I went to pick him up afterward, he’d fallen asleep and was napping in a crib.  I couldn’t believe it!  He’s normally so excited to look around and explore that he couldn’t very well sleep in a large room full of 20+ babies . . .but, he did.  I think his crying fit from earlier just plumb wore him out.  I was happy he got somewhat of a nap during his normal morning nap time.

Wanna Sleep?  Fahgedaboudit!

I couldn’t WAIT for Calvin to take his Sunday afternoon nap because I desperately needed a nap, too.  I only get the luxury of a nap when Calvin’s napping.  Unfortunately, our little ball of energy didn’t take a normal 2 hour afternoon nap.  No sir, he woke up after only an hour and wanted to play with his daddy.

This is Sunday, people!  Daddy’s only home all day on Sunday.  Therefore he has to play with me!

Great!  So, Steve doesn’t get a nap, and he plays so loudly with Calvin that I didn’t really get one either.  But, we had fun with our boy.

I think after awhile, Calvin got cabin fever, since he’s used to at least a brief afternoon walk, which we didn’t do since we were exhausted (thanks to the NAP interruption).  He was pretty fussy, and needed a change of scenery.

BBQ and Playdate

Fortunately, we were all able to get out and meet new friends.  Another family had moved to CVille the same day as us back in June.  We had “met” through a local parenting forum and e-mail.  We had the Air Force in common, and young sons.  So, they invited us over for a cookout, and we had a blast watching our boys play together.

All in all, we had a great weekend.  How was yours?


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  1. Our weekend was great! Fit right in with your Traveling with Baby theme. I took Holly with me to San Antonio…never a nonstop flight, so we had a stop in Salt Lake City. She is 21 months old, and we didn’t want to buy her her own seat, but you can imagine how fun it was to hold an almost 2-yr old on your lap next to a stranger. She was a pretty good traveler, though.

    Our time in central Texas was awesome, although Hurricane Dolly (speak of the devil!) caused the first day to dump buckets of water over San Antonio. It was great to be with my family (celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday) and although I missed Jonathan, it was nice to only have one kid with me! Holly was so adorable, saying “Happy Bir-day!” to everyone at the party.

    Sounds like you three are enjoying your new life as urbanites!

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