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Getting Settled

Boxes everywhere.  Still unpacking.  I know, that must be the most boring post topic on earth.  But, it’s reality.  When Calvin goes to bed, we get chores done: grocery shopping, unpacking, cleaning.  I can’t tell you how many times I think about what life must have been like for pioneer families.  Do you honestly think those married couples had “date night”?  PUH-LEEZE! As if!  Who had time for that when there were crops to plant, bread to knead, laundry to wash (by hand), clothes to sew and repair, animals to feed, wells to dig, fences to mend, and gardens to plant.  Those folks did that sort of thing for survival, not as a hobby.  So, for some reason, I start thinking about Little House on the Prairie when I feel my life is tough, and then I realize my life is not filled with hardships.

Prairie life date night in the late 1800s was probably not much different than our family’s today: wait until the kids go to bed to have heart-to-heart talks . . . that is, IF you have enough energy to stay awake after a full day’s work.  We watched a Netflix movie the other night.  That’s date night these days.  I happens twice a month–maybe.  Unfortunately, there’s no time for real conversation when you’re watching a movie.

Actually, the last time my husband and I got to talk about something other than diapers, what time our son woke me up in the middle of the night,  our son’s latest milestones, or any other subtopic revolving around our son and my husband’s work-inducing exhaustion. . . well, I can’t recall the last time we spoke of anything else.

Last Thursday night, we had seven hours together in the car on a road trip back to Pennsylvania.  Our son fell asleep in his carseat at his normal bedtime, and then, it was just the two of us on a long highway journey.  We had a great talk about things other than our son and my husband’s job.  I really don’t remember every topic we discussed, but it was nice to converse with my best friend about something other than the day-to-day grind.  Prior to that, it had been MONTHS since we last really talked instead of sharing household updates and to-do lists.

If finding a babysitter for a night out isn’t an option, then I highly recommend reserving a relaxing time just for hanging out and connecting with your spouse–it’s such a welcome respite in the 24/7 career of parenting.


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