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One or the Other

But you can’t have both . . . apparently.  Calvin was doing so awesome with the potty training for MONTHS.  Even if the sleep thing kinda sucked.  But, since we’ve moved into this apartment where Calvin has his own room and sleeps through the night, his bathroom clock has changed.

He used to wait to poop until I put him on his potty when he first wakes in the morning and after each meal.  Well, I haven’t “caught” a poop in the potty in a few weeks now.  He’s peed a few times, but it’s really hit or miss.  More miss.  There’s more diaper laundry than ever.  With a very small stackable washer/dryer unit, I’m doing laundry ALL-THE-TIME.  What I used to accomplish in 2 loads now takes 4-6.  Ugh!  Forget whites and darks.  It’s more like 2 white towels plus a few washcloths = 1 load.  Seriously a huge time, water, and energy suck.

All the more motivation for me to figure out Calvin’s natural bathroom rhythms so I can catch accordingly and save a diaper now and then.  I don’t know what we’ll do once I’m working in the clinic.  We may have to do disposables during the work day, and cloth only at home and nighttime.  Right now, I wash his diapers every stinkin’ day.  Plus those 4 other loads of all other laundry.  I would probably have at least 1 more hour in the day if we could install our hydro-efficient washer and gas dryer.  Ahh, but then there’s the whole lack of room issue.  I may have to do this much laundry per day for the rest of the year we’re living here.

I’ve given Calvin more liberty to have naked time–especially in the morning after he’s had a diaper adhered to his backside for 12 hours.  I’m also hoping the increased awareness helps him “tell” me when he needs to go.  But he’s a boy, so the liklihood of him actually wetting himself and getting it on him is relatively slim.  Especially since he likes to stand up at the gate and take a wiz right there.  Yes, thankfully I have some great, non-toxic cleaning products because I use those in his room almost every freakin’ day.

The other day when he was having naked time, he left a surprise for me on his floor changing mat.  Well, at least he left it THERE as opposed to the carpet.  I could easily clean that.  Today, ugh, today was terrible.  I wanted to get him down for a nap (by the way, he’s still not napping, just standing in his crib and fussing miserably).  I came in from the grocery store and did things in what I thought was a good priority.  1) Removed Calvin’s wet diaper, 2) put Calvin on his potty (he didn’t go, so I let him crawl around sans diaper), 3) I brought in the bag of groceries from the car before they melted, 4) went back to put a diaper on Calvin and found there was poop on the carpet, his hands, and his toys.  UGH!  Just what I needed, a poop-smearing repeat!

So, of course I cleaned up Calvin’s hands, put on a clean diaper, and then placed him in his playyard so I could attend to the MESS.  Then, I tried to put him down for a nap an hour ago.  He’s still crying and upset.  Not napping regardless of how tired I know he is.

Some Friday.


2 Responses

  1. Isn’t motherhood fun. We go through good days and bad with potty training and I have seen Issy eat a log of poop. So gross!

    It sounds to me like you are doing a great job mommy. I will try to give you a call soon. I haven’t had much free time the last few days.

  2. You know.. one thing about that diaper free baby book I have to constantly remind myself is to just relax. it’s so easy for me to stress about whether I catch a pee/poo! I noticed with changes (say when we took a trip to America and back) Noors potty habits changed. I think you just gotta go with the flow.

    To Allycia’s comment… ewwwwwwwwwww! What did you do?!

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