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Zoo-ful of Fun

I love hooded towels with cute critters. Calvin had a couple as gifts when he was a newborn, but he’s already outgrown them.

My mom introduced me to The Lenti Zoo which she discovered at a state fair.  They have more critters and creations and hooded towel sizes than you could imagine!  There are towels featuring farm animals, sea creatures, a T-rex dinosaur, princess tiaras, and safari animals, to name a few.  What I love about this company is that you can get one for an infant, one for a larger kid (2+ to 8 years), and even for yourself in the adult size–you know you’ve ALWAYS wanted a hooded towel with a cow on it!

These designs are 100% cotton and never short on fabric at 30″ x 54″.  Although, I’d love to see organic cotton options in the future.  For those of you with twins or kids who fight over whose towel is whose, never fear, the Lenti Zoo offers customized embroidery so you can emblazen your child’s name on his towel.  What a great option for swim teams or summer camp!  Yes, I have seen big kids sporting the adult sized “shark” or “tiger” towels at swim meets.  Big kids want hooded towels, too.

If you have Olympic fever or think everything Chinese is super cool (I’ve always thought everything Chinese is cool), check out the sweet panda towel.  And for those who love to overly indulge their dogs, yes, there are even mini hooded towels for dogs.  At last count, there were over 35 hooded towel animal and creature designs.

My son tried out the moose towel in the kid size (I want him to grow into it since he’s outgrown most other infant towels).  I love the stuffed snout and antlers.  This soft and cuddly towel rocks.  I like the dark brown color which is less likely to stain over the years.  He enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with me.

Infant and kid sized towels average $29.95 to $31.95 with an additional $4 for name personalization embroidery.  Adult towels are $44.95.

Exclusively at Traveling with Baby, The Lenti Zoo is offering a 10% discount for orders with code DG1 (limit one order). That’s big savings on a big cuddly towel!

You can order your towels for your entire family online at The Lenti Zoo or call 203-265-5914.


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